House GOP Rolls Out 'Commitment to America' — A Roadmap Pelosi Calls 'Extremist'


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) unveiled the roadmap for Republicans if they were to win the majority in the House in the upcoming midterm elections.

“The American people cannot afford another two years of Democrat control,” McCarthy tweeted on Thursday. “It’s time to get our country back on track.”

The “Commitment to America” agenda has four pillars: “an economy that is strong,” “a nation that’s safe,” “a future that’s built on freedom,” and “a government that’s accountable.”

The website for the legislative agenda details why “we can’t afford Democrat rule,” which includes statistics such as U.S. inflation hitting a 40-year high, gas price hikes, and illegal border crossings, among others.

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The pillar focused on the economy includes Republicans’ plan to “regain American energy independence and lower prices at the pump.” This involves maximizing the “production of reliable, American-made energy,” as well as cutting “the permitting process time in half to reduce reliance on foreign countries, prevent rolling blackouts, and lower the cost of gas and utilities.”

The pillar also lists the plan to strengthen the supply chain and end dependence on China.

Under the pillar of individual freedom, it includes a plan to “put students’ future first” such as advancing the Parents’ Bill of Rights and “recovering lost learning from school closures.”

The agenda also includes plans to “improve health outcomes and ensure better care” and to “rein in Big Tech.”

Do you support this roadmap?

In a video titled “The Preamble to the Commitment to America,” the narrator says, “America is exceptional. … Unfortunately, Democrats have led America off-track.”

It continues: “From crippling inflation and rampant crime, to failing schools and border chaos. Worse still, they have ignored your priorities and shown contempt for your values. We will not allow it.”

The unveiling of the roadmap led to numerous Republican lawmakers’ praise.

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“Democrat leadership in Washington has failed the American people,” Rep. Dan Meuser (R-Penn.) wrote on Twitter. “House Republicans have a plan to get America back on track, the Commitment to America.”

Check out some of the reactions below:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) slammed the Republican plan, calling it “the latest evidence of House Republicans’ whole-hearted Commitment to MAGA: going all-in on an extremist agenda designed to greatly diminish Americans’ health, freedom and security.”

She also said “this extreme MAGA agenda is way out of step with Americans’ priorities, who align with Democrats’ vision of putting People Over Politics: with lower costs, better-paying jobs and safer communities.”

“The contrast is crystal clear: Democrats are For The People, while Republicans are For Their Power.  The American people will Remember in November that House Republicans’ extreme MAGA agenda is far too dangerous — for our families and for our Democracy,” the House speaker wrote in the statement.

As for the midterm elections, FiveThirtyEight predicts Republicans being slightly favored to win the House of Representatives while Democrats are favored to win the Senate, as of Thursday night.

Per NPR, if Republicans win the majority in November, McCarthy is expected to become the speaker of the House.

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