Laura Ingraham 'Strongly' Urges Trump to Stop Talking About 2020: 'It's Over'


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is giving some campaign advice to former President Donald Trump.

During a segment of her show on Wednesday, Ingraham said, “If I were Trump and running his campaign, I’d strongly urge him to stop talking about 2020. It’s over. Enough. Marinating in old claims of election fraud will not win over a single voter in any state that he needs to win in 2024.”

She also encouraged Trump to talk less about himself and more about the American people.

“Voters don’t want a replay of the greatest hits about (Robert) Mueller or Adam Schiff. But they do want you to assemble the most talented advisers,” the host continued.

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Additionally, Ingraham urged Trump to “run against the Democrats, not the media.”

“We all know the press is biased, you know, news flash. Don’t dwell on it. Deal with it,” she added.

Finally, she suggested, “Maybe, just maybe, drop the nicknames and the petty personal stuff. It was funny in 2016 and even in 2020. But I don’t think it works with how serious the challenges are right now facing the country.”

“I sense that the voters are weary of all that stuff,” Ingraham added.

Do you think this is good advice?

All of those suggestions are pretty good.

The only problem is, they are a lot of what make Trump, well, Trump right now.

Yes, he can be funny and charming at times. But lately, he has been leaning into the more combative, angry Trump. Indeed, during his CPAC speech, he declared himself voters’ “retribution.”

Perhaps focusing on his legal battles, the 2020 election, and the claim the media and the Democrats are out to get him will work for Trump this time.

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However, it does feel as though voters are looking for a coherent response to President Joe Biden’s agenda – aside from just labeling it ‘woke’ and vowing to fight the ‘woke agenda.’

Trump can still have fun and tell jokes or take jabs at his opponents while touting what he says are his greatest accomplishments and talking about how he could build on them to help Americans. And that would probably work out well for his campaign.

Yet so far, he seems focused on attacking “Ron DeSoros,” which might be fun for his base for a little while. But eventually, dwelling on how he was wronged and is being wronged seems like it is just going to get old. 

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