‘Is This America?’: Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6 Riot, Gasping for Air Amid Chaos

Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn is publicly sharing what he experienced as a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Dunn recalled how he would look at the Capitol with a sense of awe, and what he saw during the riot, “This time you look up, it’s just a cloud of smoke, fire extinguishers have been going off.”

“The floors are covered in white dust, water bottles, broken flagpoles, mask, empty canisters of pepper spray, helmets, Trump flags, everything in the rotunda, just laying there on the floor,” he added.

Dunn said he told his colleagues after the violence, “‘I got called a [N-word] a couple dozen times today protecting this building.'”

“Is this America? They beat police officers with Blue Lives Matter flags. They fought us. They had Confederate flags in the U.S. Capitol,” he added

He also said he found himself gasping for air because of the pepper spray.

Dunn said those who stormed the Capitol are terrorists, “They tried to disrupt this country’s democracy that was their goal…And you know what? Y’all failed because later that night, they went on, and they certified the election.”

While questions are swirling around how the Capitol Police were not better prepared for violence, Dunn said, “[I’ll] wait for the investigation to be completed officially and not draw conclusions about something of this magnitude — I’ll just leave it at that.”


  1. Officer Dunn: thank you for your service. I’m sorry that you experienced this onslaught. I hope you’re able to recover from any ptsd that you surely would experience. God Bless You, Officer Harry Dunn. We Patriots love you!

  2. I cried last night listening to Officer Dunn recount his experience. It sickened me to hear how officers beat with a Blue Lives Matter flag to within an inch of their lives. Absolutely made me want to vomit hearing this officer recount that as he was being beaten by a mob of homegrown terrorists he was called the “N-word” as people still sit there and have the audacity to claim there isn’t the sickening core of racism everywhere in this country. Like cancer that continues to go unchecked and spreading. Shame.

  3. crisis actors and the left wont let a good crisis go to waste… Wonder what kind of EO ole Joe Bia-den will sign for this one? Is it true they are putting a wall up around the capital? A WALL-UP AROUND THE CAPITAL…. let that sink in….

    1. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for your ill-written comment. But I know you aren’t because I see your hateful comments everywhere here. Get a nap, you’re a grumpy old man.

      1. Yet burning and looting was just fine all summer long. I approve of none of this violence. Let’s call it all out

  4. “Is This America?” Could have been. But Pelosi might be a better person to ask. This is just what she wanted.
    And now all the incompetents are running the country. They say billions of dollars like it’s a coupon at the grocery store.
    Gas prices are already increasing in an outlandish manner. Boarding up businesses to prevent having them destroyed is causing lumber prices to increase. But no worries. Biden has a plan. He just doesn’t know it yet.

    1. Hateful comment. No, Cherl, this ISN’T America, and no one wanted this. Knock it off and stop with the hateful bullshit.

      1. Well aren’t you the sophisticated one. You offer no facts just childish offensive admonishments. Your dramatic emotions and foul language is just evidence of your hate.

  5. “Is this America?” Harry Dunn

    Simple answer? Yes, of course it is. It has been us for decades. It’s just that some of us had been hiding in our closets, until a fascist came along and set us free to show the world who we really are.

      1. Stop already with deflecting to ‘but what about Portland” for everything. Portland is where I assume you meant since I cannot think of any place in America called Pirtland. At least spell the place correctly if you’re going to continue to use it as some kind of tit-for-tat.

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