Jill Biden Disguises Herself for April Fool's Prank on Media, Staff During Flight


First Lady Jill Biden had a prank in mind for this year’s April Fool’s Day.

During a plane ride on Thursday, “a flight attendant with short black hair — wearing a black pants suit, black face mask and a name badge reading Jasmine — walked through the staff, Secret Service and press cabins passing out Dove ice cream bars,” per the White House pool report.

The “flight attendant” named “Jasmine” then came back to the press section without the wig, “revealing herself to be Dr. Jill Biden.”

Jill Biden had disguised herself as a flight attendant to play an April Fool’s Day prank on the media and staff.

“April Fool’s,” the first lady said, per the pool report.

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The pool was “totally fooled,” the report says, and the first lady’s close staffers were also surprised by the disguise.

The pool report added, “The ice cream bars — vanilla with a hard chocolate coating — were delicious.”

As White House Correspondent for Bloomberg Justin Sink noted on Twitter, this was not the first time Jill Biden has pranked someone. She previously stuffed herself in an overhead compartment for a prank, he noted.

In 2014, President Joe Biden shared that April Fool’s Day is “like a tradition” for his wife’s family.

“What I worry about when I wake up on April Fool’s Day is, ‘What in the hell is Jill gonna do this time?’” he said at the time.

Joe Biden also touched on Jill Biden’s overhead compartment moment.

He said, “Like for example, one April Fool’s Day … we get in Air Force Two, we’re flying and I’m saying, ‘Where the hell is Jill?’ And I open up the baggage compartment on top, above, you know? And she jumps out of the compartment. This is the Second Lady of the United States of America jumping out of the overhead baggage compartment.”

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