Jill Biden Tries to Assure Donors 'Nothing' Can Slow Down Joe, but Americans Aren't Buying It


First lady Jill Biden is desperately trying to prop up her obviously rapidly deteriorating husband by claiming he is still vital and energetic, but it doesn’t look like many Americans are falling for her proclamations.

Jill Biden recently spoke to a group of high-dollar donors and insisted that “nothing” can slow Joe down, even as polls show that more Americans than ever think the president is unfit for office, the Daily Mail reported.

“Nothing can slow him down and now he’s ready to finish the job,” the first lady said at fundraisers in Minnesota and Tennessee on Saturday, where deep-pocketed donors forked over millions of dollars to Biden’s re-election campaign.

While these super-rich, Democratic operatives may not be worried, a recent NBC News poll found that a majority of voters are not as sanguine as Jill about the sharp decline in Joe’s mental state and physical stamina.

NBC News found that fully 68 percent of respondents said they don’t think Biden shows the “necessary mental and physical health to be president,” while only 32 percent said his mental and physical condition does not concern them.

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Another question on the poll found that 60 percent have major concerns about his ability to finish another four-year term. Only 40 percent said that they are not concerned.

At 80, Biden is already the oldest president in U.S. history and at 86, would be even older if he serves a second term.

Joe Biden is also still dwelling in historic lows for voter approval with 43 percent approving his work as president and 53 percent disapproving.

As for Trump, while 55 percent said they have concerns about his mental health, 40 percent said they did not. This result, though, comes closer to simple party-line voting.

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The poll comes after several years of Biden’s embarrassing gaffes, strange behavior, and constant episodes of tripping and falling.

Biden has been seen on video tripping a number of times since taking office. In February, for instance, he tripped and fell up the stairs of ir Force One as he was preparing to depart for a flight to Europe.

He also struggled to climb the stairs of Air Force One back in 2021, stumbling several times and nearly falling down the stairs.

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Just last month the president took a brutal fall on the stage during the Air Force Academy graduation, even though he was wearing flat, rubber-soled shoes meant to try and steady his gait.

But those incidents were nothing compared to the frightening plunge he took in 2022 when he tumbled from his bicycle in front of reporters’ cameras.

And these more obvious incidents of physical decline are on top of the many embarrassing gaffes, verbal miscues, and constant false claims he has uttered since becoming president, incidents that show his mental state is not strong.

Americans are right to worry. Despite Jill’s attempt to reassure us all, it seems inescapable that Joe Biden is not up to the task of being president of the great United States, and he most certainly isn’t fit to serve a second term.

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