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Biden Campaign Brought in Nearly $10 Million During Debate

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Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign brought in millions of dollars over the course of Tuesday night’s debate in Cleveland, including over 60,000 first-time donors.

The campaign told Politico that they raised $3.8 million during the 10pm to 11pm hour. Between 9pm and midnight, the campaign said that they brought in nearly $10 million from roughly 215,000 donors.

By Wednesday afternoon, Biden’s campaign already had a number of ads cut from the debate. One of their ads featured Trump as a crying baby while another highlighted President Trump’s decision to stop short of condemning white supremacists during Tuesday’s debate.

President Donald Trump started the campaign season with a massive cash advantage but he has lost much of that lead to Joe Biden. After reporting that his campaign is short on cash, Trump tweeted, “My Campaign spent a lot of money [upfront] in order to compensate for the false reporting and Fake News concerning our handling of the China Virus.”

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In August, Joe Biden and the DNC brought in $364.5 million — more than $150 million more than Trump and the RNC. Biden said of the number, “That figure blows me away. And we raised it the right way, from people across the country stepping up to own a piece of this campaign, investing in the future we want to see for our kids and grandkids.”

Both candidates appeared confident on Wednesday. Trump boasted to reporters outside the White House, “By every measure, we won the debate easily last night. I think [Biden] was very weak. He looked weak, he was wining.”

Biden took a shot at Trump when he appeared before reporters on Wednesday, telling them, “Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the president of the United States conducting himself the way he did, I think it was just a national embarrassment.”

Meanwhile the Commission on Presidential Debates said that they will add more “structure” to future debates in an attempt to try to accomplish something more remotely close to a policy discussion between the candidates.

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