Joe Rogan Decries the Maui Wildfire Response With Tulsi Gabbard: 'It's Insane'


Joe Rogan had former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on his show to discuss the Maui wildfire response. Not only did they both decry the events during and after the disaster, but Rogan also called it “insane.”

Gabbard described, “People were left without any kind of communication from anyone in a position of authority to provide help for days and weeks, and it created massive problems.”  

She went on, “The immediate line of response needed to come from the country and from the mayor and from their emergency response director and unfortunately, they did not communicate, and they’re still not communicating.”

“There’s still a huge lack of transparency,” she added.

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Rogan then asked her thoughts on whether the lack of communication was just unpreparedness and incompetence due to the unprecedented nature of the situation. 

She noted that Maui wildfires are common, and the brush issue was well known. She criticized officials for not prioritizing wildfire preparedness calling it an “afterthought” for the local government, and stated that these issues “should have been addressed.”

Gabbard went on to note how surrounding areas lost power and were without basic necessities in the aftermath due to a lack of local, state, and federal government support. 

“All the results of their decisions left families and communities stranded in their most dire time of need,” she said.

Do you believe the government has mishandled the Maui wildfire response?

Gabbard also called out the mayor of Maui for taking nearly two weeks to come forward and display any public leadership. 

Concerns over the governor’s remarks about the government acquiring the damaged land were expressed by Gabbard. She detailed how the people fear the state taking their land, land they have occupied for nine generations. 

“It is unconscionable,” she declared and then noted, “It’s taking away the sovereignty of people’s rights to have a say over their home.”

Rogan then referenced the $6 billion sent to Ukraine and how it would cost an estimated $5 billion to rebuild Maui homes. He stated, “That’s just like accidental money, but there’s no talk about doing that.”

Gabbard agreed and disclosed that in discussing this issue with the Pentagon they have admitted to sending extra money to Ukraine by accident multiple times but that the federal government only offered the American people of Maui a one-time $700 payment per family. 

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Rogan said. “It’s insane. And it’s especially insane because of how much money we’re sending to Ukraine.”

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