Justin Trudeau Has a Joe Biden Moment Trying to Keep Up with Newest LGBT Term


Even leftists are having trouble keeping up with the progressive agenda as it becomes increasingly more bizarre.

It seems that just as you are beginning to understand what the left intends with its whacky ideology, especially regarding the LGBT agenda, leftists throw something new into the mix — leaving everyone confused once again.

Naturally, if you are a conservative who rejects the premises of this delusional worldview, you would not be expected to wholly understand the ideas behind the movement.

But if you are a leftist promoting it, you should have a pretty clear idea of what your movement entails. At the very least, you should be able to remember the name of your ideology.

However, that did not appear to be the case with one leftist darling — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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In early June, a clip re-emerged of a speech that Trudeau had given in 2021 in Mississauga, Ontario, during which he mimicked the spirit of his American counterpart Joe Biden by stumbling over “LGBTQ2+,” the then-newest iteration of the ever-expanding LGBT ideology.

The video shows Trudeau repeatedly trying, and failing, to say “LGBTQ2+.” The prime minister gave out different combinations of letters, saying “LGDP,” “LGT” and “LBG” before someone stepped in and told him the correct title.

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Naturally, many on Twitter ripped into Trudeau for forgetting the name of the worldview that he claims to be an advocate for.

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While Trudeau definitely should be able to say the name of the ideology that he stands for, it is hardly surprising that he is getting confused by this particular term. No person can possibly keep up with it today, with two current variations being “LGBTQQIP2SAA” and “LGBTQIA2S+.”

The LGBT movement has gone far beyond simply wanting men and women who were attracted to the same sex to marry each other. Now, it has taken all sorts of bizarre lifestyles under its banner.

As each new whacky sexual fetish or lifestyle choice is embraced by the movement, they have to keep adding another letter in order to show just how inclusive they are.

No wonder some people don’t even bother using the term anymore, instead just calling them “the alphabet people.”

When your movement has become so whacky and convoluted that one of its chief proponents cannot clearly grasp it, perhaps it is time to take a step back and examine just how coherent your worldview actually is.

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