Kamala Harris Brings Environmentalist Hysteria to New Low, Claims Climate is Causing This Illness Among Young People


I can almost picture the drug commercials now.

Envision it with me: A worried millennial walks through a smog-filled park, his/her/their/xir face fixed in a rictus of existential dread. Then comes the voice-over: “Do you have climate mental health issues?”

“Symptoms could include watching MSNBC for hours on end, worrying if your corgi is contributing to rising sea levels, and physically attacking your grandmother during Thanksgiving dinner for neither serving Tofurky nor giving a land acknowledgement to the Native Americans she stole her suburban flag lot from.

“Perhaps it’s time you ask your doctor if Kamala is right for you.”

It sounds like a good drug name, doesn’t it? It also sounds like an inherently ludicrous woman one heartbeat away from the presidency who claims our children are facing “climate mental health” issues and don’t even know whether they can start a family or not.

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According to Fox News, Vice President Harris was speaking at the “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference” in Miami Beach, Florida on Wednesday, where she told the audience that young climate activists are at risk of mental illness thanks to climate change. That’s a new low from an elected official if I’ve ever heard one.

“One of the young leaders was talking to me about climate mental health. I said, ‘Tell me what’s going on with your peers,’” Harris said.

She then repeated what the activist told her: “Climate mental health.”

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“I said, ‘I think I can understand that, but unpack it for me.’ And she talked about how her peers are thinking about it,” Harris continued.

“One example is, you know, whether, when they’re ready, could they start a family — worried about what that would mean and the stress of it.”

“They were talking about in terms of their peers trying to figure out, you know, they’re going to have to get a job and they’re gonna have to make a living — but what they can do and how can they adapt the education that they are having now to their activism?” she continued.

Wait — you mean you can’t just stay a college activist for the rest of your life? Yes, Virginia, that’s usually the case. Sometimes you luck out (See: Sanders, Bernie), but most of us have to find something that creates value, and shouting down Exxon-Mobil representatives at a campus job fair or protesting a Ben Shapiro speech hosted by the College Republicans doesn’t quite fit the bill.

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Or maybe I have it all wrong. After all, some Twitter users didn’t even get what the heck this was all about:

Others cast doubt upon the story, no doubt aware that Vice President Harris has frequently been more liberal with interpreting reality than even her boss, on occasion:

However, there are two reactions I think best encapsulate just how dumb this was. The first came from Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki, an earth science professor and climate-alarmism skeptic:

“Climate mental health” issues, such as they may exist, aren’t caused by the climate. They’re caused by politicians and unelected bureaucrats who feed on fear like ticks feed on blood — and the more fear they gorge their rhetoric with, the bigger they get. Now, the perpetuation of the species — the most basic biological drive of every living being, no matter how simple — is being met with what our vice president describes as a form of clinical anxiety.

And then there’s the second important takeaway here: This is, yes, our vice president. The heir apparent to Democratic leadership. A woman who very well may become the most powerful leader in the world should President Joe Biden finally give out.

“Fundamentally unserious” is right. But this is the content that sells for Democrats — at least when they’re among other Democrats. You’re not going to see her give this speech among coal miners in West Virginia, I don’t think.

But, whatever. If you’re young, gullible, tightly wound and easily triggered by climate alarmism, ask your doctor if Kamala is right for you. Side effects may include higher taxes, fewer jobs, rampant inflation, out-of-control crime, violations of constitutional rights and laughter from other world leaders.

If you fail to see positive results after four years, talk to your health care provider about voting to double your dosage. While you may not see any change in the earth or your mental health, studies show you may feel more self-righteous for having “done something.”

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