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Megyn Kelly Rips Ocasio-Cortez: 'She Likes To Play the Victim a Lot'

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Journalist Megyn Kelly is taking aim at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and alleging the progressive star “likes” to cast herself as a victim in arguments.

During an episode of her podcast that was released on Wednesday, Kelly interviewed Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and noted that he has had some “dust-ups” with Ocasio-Cortez.

“You’ve had some dust-ups with her, including on Twitter just in the past couple of days where you know, she likes to play the victim a lot. A lot,” Kelly said.

She shared what she sees as a pattern in Ocasio-Cortez’s feuds on Twitter:

“What I notice is, she makes a false claim of victimhood. And you call her out on it. Then she reacts as a victim in response to your latest tweet, like your latest tweet has made her yet another victim. It’s just a never-ending cycle of how mean you are and how victimized she is.”

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Kelly asked Crenshaw, “What do you think of her and her approach to social media and messaging?”

“She’s a skilled rhetoricist,” Crenshaw said, adding, “She’s good at this kind of juvenile argumentation. But it is juvenile. It is always below the belt. It’s never honest. It’s always a misconstruing of words.”

Listen to the interview below:

Last week, Ocasio-Cortez claimed Republicans “like to make fun of the fact that I used to be a waitress.”

“But we all know if they ever had to do a double they’d be the ones found crying in the walk-in fridge halfway through their first shift [because] someone yelled at them for bringing seltzer when they wanted sparkling,” she added.

During an event, Crenshaw, who is a former Navy SEAL, poked fun at her sentiment as he said, “Chuck Schumer is controlled by people like AOC, who believes that the biggest hardship in life was figuring out whether it was still or sparkling, and you don’t know hardship till you cried in the back.”

“I was thinking. I was like, geez, I’m so glad I did not have to do that in my former career. That was our biggest problem in the mountains of Afghanistan was figuring out, what do we offer them still or sparkling? What if they don’t like it? Rough out there,” he added.

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Listen to Crenshaw’s remarks below:

Ocasio-Cortez blasted Crenshaw and the Republican Party as she shared the audio of his comments. She wrote, “The GOP acts like they care, but behind closed doors, this is what they actually say about the working class.”

“Good to know how little you truly think of food workers, [Dan Crenshaw],” she added. 

Crenshaw told Kelly it was “strange to see her come at me for that.”

He also went on to argue that Republicans are not making fun of her background when they criticize her.

Kelly interjected to claim, “But she’s dying for you” to make fun of her background.

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