Megyn Kelly Spars With Candace Owens Over Whether College Students Should Be Blacklisted


Journalist Megyn Kelly and conservative commentator Candace Owens got into over whether college students should be blacklisted for their association with groups that took a pro-Palestinian stance amid Israel’s war with Hamas.

The exchange kicked off with former Fox News host and journalist Kelly criticizing Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy for arguing on X, formerly known as Twitter, it is “not productive for companies to blacklist kids for being members of student groups that make dumb political statements on campus.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. They sided with terrorists who murdered children and old women. You’re not clear on this as someone who wants to be president?” Kelly asked.

When Ramaswamy argued that “persuasion is better than force,” the journalist shot back, “If they are not ‘persuaded’ that murdering babies is wrong, there is no ‘persuading’ them. We don’t hire those who do the killing & we don’t hire those who applaud the killers while the savagery is underway. If you are open to hiring one of these lunatics, tho, good to know!”

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The Daily Wire’s Candance Owens then jumped in the mix and accused Kelly of being “incredibly disingenuous” as she argued college students are “stupid” and noted she used to be “radically pro-choice,” but has since changed her view.

“Being liberal is not the same as taking to the streets to cheer murdered babies and blame said murders on the victims. But you go ahead and hire as many of them as you want Candace. I’m sure [The Daily Wire] will love that,” Kelly responded.

Owens accused her of being petty by tagging The Daily Wire, to which Kelly countered, “Also I hate to tell you this but my tagging [The Daily Wire] didn’t out your position. You did that all on your own. Good luck with your future intern program!”

The exchange then shifted from the original topic to accusations of pettiness. Owens asked the former Fox News journalist if she wanted a “direct contact to management.”

“Oh no, I have it. I talked to them just two weeks ago when they asked me to put you on my show to promote your crime series and I said sure I will do you and Candace that favor. ‘Member?” Kelly responded.

Owens then noted she could not make the show and added, “I’m not sure what obscure point you’re trying to prove so I’ll just continue being the mature one in this thread by thanking you for your willingness to help us promote a new series.”

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Finally, Kelly wrote, “This is how it works you see. You attack someone who has been nothing but nice to and supportive of you. Then when that person calls you out, you just keep saying ‘I am the mature one!’ Take care Candace. I wish you well.”

The exchange comes as college student groups are under fire for statements appearing to blame Israel for Hamas’ attack. Last week, a so-called “doxxing” truck was seen driving around Harvard University, displaying the names and pictures of students who reportedly signed a letter blaming Israel for the attack.

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