Kellyanne Conway Slaps Down Reports Trump Is Concerned About Head-To-Head Matchup With Biden

When it comes to any concern about a possible head-to-head matchup between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway says there is no worry.

Asked on Fox News late Wednesday about reports that Trump is concerned about a match up with Trump, Conway suggested that Biden’s campaign is pushing those claims.

“The president has said clearly … that it doesn’t matter who he runs against because they have to run against the Trump economy, the Trump record on national security and terrorism, the Trump record on nearly 200 federal judges confirmed to the courts,” Conway said.

She continued, “The fact is, Joe Biden is not a high energy candidate but he is still a high-risk candidate.” Conway later added, “I think he is Hillary all over again. I think Joe Biden is Hillary 2.0.”

When Fox News’ Martha MacCallum mentioned some of the president’s recent remarks about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the president’s counselor responded, “The president knows how it feels to have the entire establishment, all the king’s horses, all the king’s men, and their money against you.”

Watch Conway’s interview below:

On Trump’s comments made at the White House on Wednesday where he suggested some of Biden’s “handlers are further left than Bernie,” Conway said, “What the president is also saying is, ‘When in the world did we start calling people moderates who want to grab your guns, who are for abortion in the tenth month, who want to raise taxes on everybody?'”

The president has taken multiple swipes at several of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, including Biden, who surged in the Super Tuesday polls, with Sanders right behind him — a shift from Sanders’ lead prior to the South Carolina primary.

Trump also suggested earlier this week that the Democratic primary is “rigged” against Sanders — to which the Vermont senator told him to “stay out” of it. Trump has also taken aim at Biden, including mocking the former vice president’s previous gaffes.

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  1. Yesterday morning , Kellyanne’s husband posted on twitter his $2,800 maxed contribution receipt to Joe Biden’s primary campaign for POTUS. He said he attempted to give $5,600 but the max is $2,800. George Conway’s twitter feed is a must read.

  2. The history books for centuries will indicate that Trump got himself impeached in an attempt to take down Biden.

    NO ONE is more gaffe prone than Trump, so self-awareness is not his strong suit. WHEN Biden claims the Revolutionary soldiers successfully defended the airports OR tells India PM Modi that his country does not have a border with China, OR When Trump 3x’s asks journalist to look into the ‘oranges’ of the Mueller investigation. OR when he frequently can’t pronounce the word “anonymous.” Trump should stop trying and just go with “unnamed source.” While apparently Trump has forgotten, MANY more are memorialized on the internet forever.

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