Gov. Kemp Slams Biden for Calling GA Voting Law ‘Jim Crow’

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is laying into President Joe Biden for calling a new voting law in his state “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

“The Georgia voting law — like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country — is a blatant attack on the right to vote, the Constitution, and good conscience,” Biden wrote on Twitter Friday evening.

He added, “It’s Jim Crow in the 21st Century — and it must end.”

Kemp pushed back, telling The Hill that “it is obvious that neither” Biden “nor his handlers have actually read” the bill.

Defending the bill, the governor said it “expands voting access, streamlines vote-counting procedures, and ensures election integrity.”

“There is nothing ‘Jim Crow’ about requiring a photo or state-issued ID to vote by absentee ballot — every Georgia voter must already do so when voting in-person,” he added.

Kemp argued, “President Biden, the left, and the national media are determined to destroy the sanctity and security of the ballot box.”

Noting he previously served as secretary of state, Kemp told The Hill, “As Secretary of State, I consistently led the fight to protect Georgia elections against power-hungry, partisan activists. As Governor, I won’t back down from keeping Georgia elections secure, accessible, and fair.”

Kemp signed the law this week for sweeping new voting restrictions. Some limits include limited drop boxes, makes it a misdemeanor for people to offer food or water to those waiting in line, and imposes stricter identification requirements.

Civil Rights groups have since sued, arguing it makes it harder for Black Americans to cast ballots.

Biden also told reporters in Delaware on Friday, “We don’t know quite exactly what we can do at this point. The Justice Department’s taking a look as well.”


  1. Dear lord dems are like a broken using race for everything, funny coming from the most racist political party on the planet who created the KKK

  2. We need fair elections. We need to move away from two parties. Seems as though the candidate’s from the dems are getting chittier and chittier each cycle. Bunch of loons!!!

  3. biden thinks Jim Crow was one of his bad neighbors, he’s clueless, the old crusty azz clown

  4. Isn’t it amazing that old clown can remember that phrase. They, the Demoncrats, seem to forget that phrase came to be because of their viciousness back in the day. Which party was it that started the term “slavery”? You guess it right, the Demoncrats. Can’t you see the evilness in each and everyone of those disgusting people, the horns and tail appear only when they’re in amongst their own ranks. It’s pretty much like the movie “The Omen” where evil lurks in darkness.

  5. This is totally outrageous, I agree with the voter ID but removing ballot boxes and arresting people for providing water who have waited in line for hours and hours? Republicans are doing EVERYTHING they can to restrict voting and it is disgusting! People have to drive 40 miles to vote in some cases?
    This country is sick of Donald Trump and he will never win again, and neither will his family if they run for anything.
    Why do Republicans get crazy about removing confederate statues? And who loves the KKK now? Who loves white supremacy now? The Republicans do! Now is what matters, not the civil war era, slavery ended and the North won. The Southern states are still stuck in that era.

    1. Donna you’re a nut. How come it was horrifying when Trump name called but is ok with Mr Dementia?

      1. Mac….Biden is as sharp as a tack. Your words don’t matter any more. Trump can’t even read, he needs pictures, that’s why he didn’t just drop the ball….he couldn’t even catch it. Mr tough guy is the biggest pu**y in the universe, his bone spurs don’t bother him on the golf course though!!!

    2. Food and water provided for free? Are you kidding me? Even my 6th grade social studies class knew you can’t bribe people to vote…and that is exactly what it is…bribery! The south is not stuck…first of all they switched from being predominantly Democrat to being Republican…that’s a good start. I just recently lived in South Carolina and I lived in Mississippi 45 years ago. The south has drastically changed..for the better. And it will continue to change unless the MSM and democrats succeed in all their race baiting and out right lies. I sense a lot of hatred in your comments and that much hatred cannot make for a very joyful life experience.

      1. I have a very blessed life, you don’t know me. I can’t describe how joyous I am that Biden won by a landslide! Biden won the popular vote and the electoral vote handily, flipping many red states blue.You are the one who is sick though CeeDub. You call donating water and snacks to people bribing? Do you think anyone who cared about their vote enough to wait in line for hours on end would switch their vote for a bottle of water???? People should not have to wait hours, sometime over 6 hours to cast a vote! Now it’s a crime to hand someone a bottle of water?
        We see the Republican hate and Democrats are way more dedicated now. That makes me absolutely JOYOUS!!!

    3. Oh donna. yada yada yada yada yada yada YAWN. yada yada yada yada yada yada YAWN.
      “Republicans are doing EVERYTHING they can to restrict voting”, please tell me you can explain that statement in coherent terms. My gut tells me you can’t even come close. Your explanation would probably sound something like this: “Well, my mom’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s best friend’s sister(pretty much equals msm’s “anonymous sources”during the Trump administration) said . . . . . ”
      Rant on, donna, Rant on!

      1. Stan switch from Newsmax to regular news. Or go mend your QAnon flag. You don’t even deserve this small response. Go back to your hills and chew more tobacco.

        1. So, you can’t explain your asinine statement about restricting voting? What a surprise!
          Here’s another totally incomprehensible statement you’ve made,”Biden is as sharp as a tack.” Care to try to tackle that one? Bet not, since that statement is laughable on it’s face. I’ll bet you can’t even explain what QANON supposedly is, but that doesn’t keep you from using it a weak attempt to insult someone else. Keep drinking the kool-aid, donna.

  6. How, exactly, does it make it harder for black voters to vote? That is ridiculous on its face. And to have a democrat, any democrat, attach the words “Jim Crow” to this law is insulting to anyone who knows history. It was the democrats who were 100% behind Jim Crow laws (also the KKK) and they know it! They are trying to make people think republicans had anything to do with them — never, at any time in our history. I believe blacks are every bit as able to vote using an ID as anyone else who is entitled to this privilege. Let’s recognize this for what it is: marginalizing and denigrating this identity group to keep it under the thumb of the democrat party.

    1. What a bunch of Bull. Any effort to ensure security is blasted by the Democrats as racist. Why is everything else possible except when it comes to voting?

  7. Biden only says what is on the teleprompter and it is written by his loony left handlers.

  8. There is a BIG difference between
    • requesting absentee ballot and voting by mail and
    • blanket mailing of ballots to everyone on the voter register rolls

    One is to a verified voter with current address, and other to MILLIONS of people who are not eligible to vote (at least in that district), since the rolls have not been maintained as required by the law – San Diego 117% registration

    In 1992, my wife registered 200+ people at a Walmart in Houston – they all checked the box of being a citizen of the USA – she called Harris County (Houston, TX) Tax Assessor’s office as to who is checking the validity of the registrations – “Nobody, we have no resources to do that” was the answer.

    • Ineligible Voters are less likely to turn out in person than mailing the ballot in.

    NOBODY talks about this
    • According to the US practice – in-person Ballot is SECRET, i.e. only the voter knows how he/she voted.

    Current political climate has resulted in
    • Broken relationships between family and friends
    • Loss of jobs for not agreeing with the Social Media Mob
    • Corporations caving into the extortion by the Mob

    Does anyone think that under these circumstances there would be FREE and FAIR elections if there was not the secret balloting?

    1. The democrats are willing to sacrifice everything good about America to ensure their own power and to further socialism. In our current “president” they have a useful fool for this purpose. If voters couldn’t figure this out before election day, I hope they are happy with their choice; i.e. get what they deserve.

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