Kenyan People Given Holiday to Help Plant 100 Million Trees


Kenyan officials have declared a special tree-planting holiday to meet their goal of planting 15 billion trees within the next decade. 

According to BBC News, the Kenyan government has made 150 million seedlings available to the public for free in the hopes that they can get 100 million trees planted as a benchmark toward their initial goal. 

Kenya’s Environment Minister Soipan Tuya noted that this encourages “each and every Kenyan to own the initiative.”

The government is also encouraging Kenyans to buy at least two seedlings and plant them on their land. 

Various Kenyans participated in their new National New Tree. Student Wycliffe Kamau told BBC News, “I have come together with my colleagues. I’m happy to be here to show my love for the environment.”

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“I have come to plant trees here, because our water levels have been diminishing. Even here at the river source, the levels are very low, trees have been cleared,” he added. 

The Jaza Miti app is being utilized to track planting efforts and ensure that planting goals are met. It also helps identify the proper species to plant and optimal locations. 

The Kanya Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Forestry posted a video of dozens of participants planting trees together. 

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The post stated, “We encourage those that grew trees yesterday but didn’t record on Jaza Miti to do so, so as to enable us keep track of the activity.”

President William Samoei Ruto PhD. led the holiday in Kenya’s eastern city of Makueni. 

He posted to X, formerly Twitter, about the event on Monday, displaying video footage and photos. In one post he stated, “Conservation of the environment is the urgent and collective responsibility of our time.”

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In another, he noted, “Natural resources, particularly forests, play a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem balance, enhancing biodiversity and sustaining the livelihoods of people and communities across our country.”

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