Kevin Bacon Brings Home the Bacon, a Missing Pet Pig


A pig named after the famous actor Kevin Bacon safely returned home after going missing, thanks to some press from the real Kevin Bacon. 

According to the Good News Network, Pennsylvania farmer Chelsea Rumbaugh’s hog went footloose on Oct. 13. 

For two weeks, this pig was a wild thing, and a Facebook page called “Bring Kevin Bacon Home” was created to help people post sightings and get the owners on the right track to find him. 

By Oct. 19, Rumbaugh was joking about contacting the real man due to her pig’s disappearance. 

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She wrote on Facebook, “Do we think if we contact him, actor Kevin Bacon will pick up the tab for the drone search we’ve been contemplating?”

“We are about $600 in on this new pen and trap and the highly experienced drone searcher is just shy of $500 for three hours,” she went on.

Then she added, “Catch me writing the human Kevin Bacon a long message on Instagram.”

Do you have any experience with pet pigs?

By Oct. 20, Swine Bacon dropped by for a visit. He ate some food before evading capture and racing into the woods.

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Rumbaugh was getting tired. She posted a picture of another one of his visits and noted, “Come on you lil butt head.”

At this point the story of missing Kevin Bacon had grown to such a degree that the real Kevin Bacon actually took notice. He posted to his threads account, “Bring Kevin Bacon home!”

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Pig Bacon won his game of “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” and he shortly returned home for good. 

But this hog’s adventure cutting loose has gone viral, putting him at the top of Kevin Bacon news searches. 

Rumbaugh apologized for this on the “Bring Kevin Bacon Home” page, which has been duly renamed “Kevin’s Home Adventures.”


She stated, “Kevin Bacon I’m so sorry.”

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