KJP Walks Out as Reporter Shouts Question About Biden's Alleged Involvement With Son's Business


White House Press Karine Jean-Pierre had no words for reporters seeking to understand President Joe Biden’s potential connections to his son’s business dealings. 

During the Wednesday press briefing, the topic of the Biden impeachment inquiry was discussed, but then New York Post correspondent Steven Nelson asked, “Can you explain why the president interacted with so many of his son’s four business associates?”

Jean-Pierre then left the stage, giving no answer. 

This came after she passed off responsibility to others addressing reporters questioning of the impeachment inquiry by stating, “I’m gonna to let the counsel’s office, my colleagues there speak to this directly.”

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She claimed the House Oversight Committee’s findings, which are published in a timeline of events on their website, are “baseless accusations.”

Jean-Pierre also talked up Bidenomics and improving the economy, decrying political opponents for investigating the alleged Biden family crimes.

She said, “Republicans in Congress have spent all year investigating the President.” 

Do you believe KJP is giving the answers the people deserve?

She also accused them of providing “no evidence” of wrongdoing.

As she repeatedly claimed that Republicans have admitted this, Nelson noted the existence of polls where voters disagree with her claim, according to Fox News

Jean-Pierre called him “inappropriate” for speaking out of turn and then went on to accuse House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of beginning the formal impeachment inquiry because Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) threatened to shut down the government over a “political stunt.”

She also blamed Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) for pressuring McCarthy to act.

Then, she left the stage instead of answering Nelson’s last question regarding Biden’s connection to his son’s business associates.

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This led internet users to blast her online. 

Podcast host Jeff Charles wrote, “Karine Jean-Pierre bolts faster than a cat at bath time when asked about President Joe Biden’s interactions with Hunter’s business partners.”

Conservative bodybuilder Ian Jaeger posted the question, “What’s ONE word you would use to describe Karine Jean-Pierre?”

There was a wide range of answers from “ignorant,” to “propagandist,” and “liar.”

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