LA Couple Who 'Wanted to Be As Frugal as Possible' for Their Wedding Goes Viral


A Los Angeles couple went viral after getting married and having a budget-friendly wedding surrounded by their loved ones.

The couple, Joel and Kiara Brokenbrough, went viral on social media due to spending only $500 on their big day, February 12, which included their venue and reception.

“We didn’t set a budget but we knew that we wanted to be as frugal as possible so however we could cut costs, like that was the goal,” Kiara Brokenbrough told Fox 11 Los Angeles.

Originally, the couple wanted to do a courthouse wedding but plans changed after Kiara did some research.

The wedding day is a special day for a couple, as marriage was created by God to represent Christ and the Church.

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Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh,” and this couple’s wedding day was done in their own special way.

The couple decided to elope near the Angeles Crest Highway in California which ended up costing them nothing due to only inviting 30 to 40 people. That was under the amount that was needed to be able to buy a public permit.

Their loved ones also helped out by contributing toward the costs of the cake and flowers.

But what about the wedding dress and suit for the bride and groom?

According to The Knot, “the average wedding dress cost in 2021 was $1,800.”

Check out the video below:

However, Kiara Brokenbrough only spent $47 on her wedding dress and Joel Brokenbrough only spent $100 on his suit.

Joel Brokenbrough shared with Fox11LosAngeles that he even still wears the same pants to go out that he wore on his wedding day.

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The reception was held at Misty’s Lounge and although the couple did not have a reservation, they arrived when the venue opened and their guests also paid for their own food and drinks.

Kiara Brokenbrough explained that prior to the guests coming to their wedding, they were aware that if they wanted food and drinks they would be “available for purchase.”

“I didn’t hear anyone complain,” she said.

Kiara Brokenbrough shared a message for other couples who are getting married.

“If you feel like you need to get married, let our wedding be a sign to you that it doesn’t take all that and it can definitely happen,” she concluded.

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