LA Teachers Union Roasted for Posting Dance Video During Strike


A teachers’ union is facing mockery over a tweet it shared featuring a message about a strike — which included a dance video.

On Thursday, United Teachers Los Angeles wrote in a tweet, “Theres nothing more beautiful and powerful than organized workers fighting for justice.”

“We are writing a new chapter for LA Public Schools,” it added.

The tweet included a video of people dancing.

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Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), asked, “How did they film this, watch this, and think it needed to be shared with the world.”

Columnist Adam Coleman tweeted, “Someone recorded this, logged into this account, uploaded it, typed a description and at no point second guessed uploading the most uncoordinated dance video ever.”

Another user with the name Brett wrote, “Teaching students well would be pretty cool.”

Meanwhile, another person responded, “Really? Nothing? I dunno, I think teaching kids might be more beautiful and powerful. Equipping the next generation? Enlightening the future? Handing down knowledge and wisdom so our children can succeed? No? Anybody? Bueller?”

Yet another person noted the typo in the tweet as he wrote, “‘Theres.'”

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The dance video was posted on the last day of the strike in Los Angeles, California, which shut down the Los Angeles Unified School District for three days.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the union members were advocating for a 30% across-the-board salary increase, and a $2-per-hour raise for the lowest-paid workers.

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