Kari Lake Urges DeSantis to Sit Out 2024 — Points to Whose 'Turn' It Is


Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) is suggesting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) should sit out the 2024 presidential election.

During an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, Lake was asked about her thoughts regarding former President Donald Trump and DeSantis.

“I am not only a friend of President Trump’s, but as an American, as a mom, I loved him as president, and boy, do we need him back in the White House ASAP,” she said.

Turning to DeSantis, she stated, “I think Ron DeSantis has been an effective governor, there’s no doubt about that. And the people of Florida just re-elected him. I’m assuming when they re-elected him, they were hoping he’d stay around for a while.”

“I guess he’s in his 40’s. He’s about 10 years younger than me. He’s got a long political future ahead of him, and I think he should respect that the people just voted him in as governor and serve out that term for the people of Florida,” Lake added.

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She suggested after the end of DeSantis’ second term, he could run for president.

However, she added, “This is President Trump’s turn.”

Watch the video below:

Do you think 2024 is Trump's turn?

Lake also insisted Trump could “start to turn things around” on his first day in a potential second term because he “understands what’s happening on the world stage.”

“I trust that he can stop this fast roll toward World War III,” she added.

By contrast, Lake noted we have not seen DeSantis tested on the world stage and claimed, “Some of the people that are surrounding him are kind of the type of people that were pushing for war, that were pushing for the endless wars.”

The argument that we have not seen DeSantis tested on the world stage is not the best argument against his candidacy.

Sure, Trump was a businessman with hotels around the world when he ran in 2016. However, we did not see him in a role where he had to make foreign policy decisions, yet many of his supporters will tout what they say are his foreign policy successes from his time as president. So what is to say DeSantis, with experience in the House and as a governor, would not be just as good if not better than Trump in their view?

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The argument DeSantis should wait to finish his term could be a little more potent. However, by the time of the 2022 election, it was no secret he was a rising star and might be considering a run for president in 2024. Yet he still won re-election handily despite the possibility he might have to vacate the governor’s mansion before his term is up.

And on another note, how many turns is Trump going to get? He got one in 2016 and another in 2020, which did not turn out well for him.

So what are we going for? Best two out of three? Or even the best three out of four? How many chances does a presidential candidate get before the party says it is time to move on?

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