Kari Lake Offers GOP a Novel Way to Remove Biden Without Impeachment


Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) is offering a new way to remove President Joe Biden from office.

Lake apparently recognizing impeachment is a cumbersome process — getting the two-thirds majority to convict and remove Biden in a Democrat-controlled Senate would be hard — is offering a new idea.

Instead of going through the impeachment process, she argues Republicans should take the much simpler step of simply decertifying the 2020 election because you cannot impeach Biden if he’s not the president in the first place.

During an appearance on the “War Room” podcast, Lake said, “If we just go back and deal with this fraudulent election and what happened in 2020, we don’t have to impeach him.”

“Because he really isn’t, in my opinion, and many others’ when you look at the evidence, the true president. Why don’t we decertify 2020?” she added.

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Watch the video below:

It is honestly hard to believe someone could say such a ludicrous statement with a straight face.

First, and most importantly, there is no evidence there was widespread fraud that altered the results of the election. So even if you could simply decertify the election, you would disenfranchise the voices of millions of Americans because you got mad former President Donald Trump lost.

Second, there is no procedure for Congress to decertify an election, remove the current president, and install the president who lost his re-election bid. It simply does not exist.

Third, how would that work exactly? Would the last three years count as part of Trump’s second term? Because then he would have one year left and be term-limited. Or would he be able to run again in 2024? In which case, the country would most likely be so upset with the egregious move to install him as president, he would lose in the biggest electoral upset in the history of the country.

And fourth, which is also important, even if this cockamamie idea somehow was brought on the House floor and passed, in what world does Lake envision enough Democratic senators voting for it?

It is stuff like this that makes people who would otherwise be rushing to vote Biden out of office look at Republicans and say, “Oh, hell no.”

If Republicans could just not come off as the craziest, most sycophantic, most unhinged conspiracy theorists on the planet, they would probably have a good shot at winning in 2024.

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Yet, apparently, that is too much to ask.

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