Hilarious Video: Lemon's Ex-Co-Hosts Couldn't Have Given a Quicker or Happier Goodbye to Don


Don Lemon was relieved of his duties at CNN this week, and it doesn’t appear that there is any love lost as far as his now-former colleagues are concerned.

On Monday, Lemon announced that after nearly two decades at the anchor desk, CNN had fired him.

As most of the media was talking about Tucker Carlson’s abrupt and shocking exit from Fox News, Lemon became a blip on the news radar by announcing that he had also been shown the door and that his time at CNN had come to an ignominious end.

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CNN confirmed the move, and a day later his colleagues were eulogizing his career on the air. But many thought Lemon’s former “CNN This Morning” co-hosts weren’t all that upset to see him go.

Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins only gave the announcement of Lemon’s exit a scant 39 seconds. The reliably left-wing Mediate noted that the farewell segment was “a moving tribute — fast-moving.” As in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it quick.

In their downright chipper farewell, Collins and Harlow mentioned that Lemon was a “friend” and that they “wish him all good things ahead,” but quickly wrapped up the short-lived schmaltz, saying, “We want to keep … the focus on the news, where that belongs. So let’s get to it.”

Some on Twitter felt that Collins and Harlow were practically giddy to be saying goodbye to Lemon with their all-smiles “tribute.”

One can hardly blame them. Lemon has been rampaging through CNN for years offending nearly every colleague he’s been teamed with, especially the women.

In January, for instance, insiders dished that Lemon treated Collins and Harlow like his “backup dancers.”

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In February, it was revealed that Lemon “went ballistic” in a behind-the-scenes argument with Collins. He allegedly berated Collins for daring to interrupt him and sent her running from the studio in an embarrassed huff.

Many felt the morning show had devolved into a “toxic workplace,” with Lemon even criticizing Collins over her work live on the air.

In March, insiders who had grown tired of Lemon’s antics told reporters that the famously gay left-winger was “sulking” around the set.

It got so bad that body language experts could not help but notice that Harlow was revealing her intense dislike of the man in how she acted during the show.

Suffice it to say it is no wonder that so many thought they saw glee on the faces of Lemon’s former co-hosts when they announced his sudden departure from CNN.

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