CBS’ Lesley Stahl Reveals What Was in the Massive Book the WH Gave Her After Trump Interview

CBS’ Lesley Stahl is sharing what was in the massive book the White House handed to her following her “60 Minutes” interview with the president. The book initially appeared to be blank, as some noted, from photos.

Prior to the interview airing, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany — who gave Stahl the massive book — wrote on Twitter, “Handing Lesley Stahl just a small part of what President [Donald Trump] has done for healthcare in the United States.”

President Donald Trump ended the “60 Minutes” interview early, and while waiting to see if he would return, as Stahl noted, McEnany handed her the book.

Stahl said on “60 Minutes” of the book, “It was heavy, filled with executive orders, congressional initiatives but no comprehensive health plan.”

Watch the video below:

Stahl’s remarks follow after McEnany declared on Twitter last week, “NO, the White House did not try to pass off hundreds of blank pages as its healthcare policy.” She added that the book contained “512 pages, 13 executive orders, and 11 pieces of healthcare legislation.”

McEnany also told the Washington Examiner:

“This book contains all of the executive orders and legislation President Trump has signed, which have brought down healthcare premiums and drug costs that were skyrocketing during Obama/Biden; increased access to care while Obama/Biden lied that you would be able to keep your doctor and your plan; and improved the quality of care, including protecting preexisting conditions.”

Trump spoke about a new health care plan during the “60 Minutes” interview where he said, “It is fully developed. It’s going to be announced very soon.”

“We won’t do anything and no plan unless we have preexisting conditions covered,” Trump added.


  1. Promising something as important as a new health care system for over a decade and not moving an inch on it shows the kind of respect that the American Fascist Party has for their supporters – none whatsoever. They think that you are sheep willing to take collateral damage without complaints.

    Have some respect for yourselves and vote the people trying to hurt you out of office. Be smart for a change.

  2. I agree with the General. We have waited FOUR YEARS to hear Trump’s “plan to cover everyone and cost less.” We have waited TEN YEARS to see the “better than Obamacare” Republicans have promised. HOW does a political party repeatedly promise a healthcare plan for TEN YEARS and expect the majority of Americans to believe they have one??

  3. “It is fully developed. It’s going to be announced very soon.”

    “We won’t do anything and no plan unless we have preexisting conditions covered.” King Donald The Loser

    Conclusion? Because he can’t figure out how to protect pre-existing conditions, he has no plan at all.

    So why would His Majesty say that he has a fully developed plan but not announce it BEFORE election week? You might be right to think that doing so would INCREASE his royal chances of getting re-elected, unless it is such a terrible plan that voters would head for the hills, or that it is all just one big lie.

    Fascists use the big lie often, so my bet would be on the emperor has no clothes.

    Now, Cult-45, if YOU can explain things more logically, I am ready to listen. You won’t / can’t do that, though, because we all know that you are part of this scam, too.

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