Liberal TikTokers Exposed for Who They Really Are After Twitter Drops Massive Note on Video


What do a pair of obnoxious far-left social media “stars” have to teach the Republican Party?

A shocking amount, actually.

If you spend any time on TikTok or Twitter, you’ve no doubt run into video clips of oddly angry leftists yelling at a camera about whatever the political flavor of the week is.

TikTokers Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey fit that description to a T and recently found themselves in a bit of a pickle after Twitter users added some much-needed context to their unique brand of awfulness.

First, here is the video that caused the stir:

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“What the Republican Party doesn’t understand about Gen Z is we don’t like you,” Sisson said in the viral video, which has garnered nearly 3 million views as of this writing.

“You claim you want to appeal to Gen Z,” Mowrey said. “But you call us stupid, you say we’re dumb, you say we’re indoctrinated. I promise, it’s a losing strategy.”

“And Gen Z is watching the Republican Party extremely closely as they destroy our environment, take rights away from women, do nothing about kids being shot in schools, and if they think they can give the middle finger to our generation and get away with it, they’re sorely mistaken,” Sisson said.

While Sisson was speaking, Mowrey appeared to try and threateningly flex the string beans he has where most men have biceps, adding an air of unintentional hilarity to the clip.

Another bit of unintentional comedy came from the Twitter users who were watching “extremely closely” and slapped the viral video with some additional context — context that Mowrey and Sisson are now trying to dismiss with extreme prejudice.

A since-deleted community note on the tweet said Sisson and Mowrey are “paid political operatives” because they are represented by talent agency Palette Management, which receives funding from the Democratic National Committee.

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In a later post, Sisson described the accusations against him and Mowrey as “BS lies” being pushed by Republicans — but a community note was added to that tweet, too. (The second note softened the language a bit, dropping the charged term “paid political operative.”)

In a response video that seems to have been deleted, Sisson and Mowrey also insisted that they “haven’t seen a dime” of the money the DNC gives to Palette Management.

The fact remains that Sisson and Mowrey are represented by a talent agency that is funded by the DNC. And the two young influencers deliver an incredibly effective (albeit obnoxious) brand of messaging for Democrats.

In fact, it’s almost immaterial whether Sisson and Mowrey are “paid operatives” or not. If the DNC is putting money into an agency that can get these loud-mouthed Democrats a larger platform to spew their nonsense… that’s actually a good strategy, as painful as it is for most Republicans to admit.

The Biden administration hasn’t exactly been shy about its plans to reach young voters through brain-rotting apps like TikTok, so any sort of campaign to increase the influence of people like Sisson and Mowrey obviously helps its cause.

Sisson and Mowrey may not be actual Democratic operatives, but they are useful apparatuses of the DNC.

Republicans can kick and scream and yell “GOTCHA!” at these young men as much as they want. Whether or not the two of them are getting a nickel from the DNC doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that Democrats have successfully weaponized social media and youthful ignorance. Until Republicans start fighting fire with fire, we’ll continue to see bad-to-middling election results like the ones in 2020 and 2022.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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