Liberals Go Bizarrely Crazy for Viral Pic of Biden, DeSantis


Liberals are going crazy for one picture that emerged during President Joe Biden’s visit to Florida to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Since Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) did not act like a toddler and stick his tongue out at Biden or call him “Brandon,” or give him a warm, gooey embrace upon their meeting, they are desperate for something they can use to bash the governor.

And one photograph gave them all the fodder they needed.

The liberal Meidas Touch account tweeted, “What a photo.”

It shows Biden smiling, his arm draped around a woman’s shoulder while another man smiles back. Meanwhile, DeSantis appears to be walking alongside the trio with a plain face that is being made out to be some kind of a pouting scowl.

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted, “It’s that ‘I totaled my car and had to go with my dad to the bank so he could cosign a loan for a new one for me since I’m not working right now, and the people at the bank are all ‘chummy’ with my dad and I hate it but I really need the loan’ look.”

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown chimed in, “When you actually CARE about people, it shows and people respond. Folks know love when they feel it. The disgruntled and self-serving will never know the joy of being loving [and] kind. Decency is its own reward. [Biden] gets it.”

“Some people are glad an adult showed up,” wrote Sirius XM host Michelangelo Signorile

Those reactions come despite what seemed to be a fairly cordial moment.

One video showed DeSantis and Biden with their wives chatting and appearing to get along fairly well.

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The governor also thanked Biden and the federal government for their assistance. Meanwhile, Biden said DeSantis has done a “good job” responding to the storm.

But sure, just take one picture without any context to make it look like DeSantis is a pouting man-child.

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