Libertarian Party of NH Sends Truly Despicable Tweet on 4th Anniversary of John McCain's Death


Apparently, this is the week when political operatives kind of just decided to completely lose their mind and sense of decency.

Earlier this week, a communications advisor for the Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate attacked the health of the Democratic rival in an official statement.

And on Thursday, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire marked the fourth anniversary of the death of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in one of the most despicable ways possible.

On Twitter, the party shared a picture of Meghan McCain grieving over her father’s flag-draped casket, and wrote, “Happy Holidays.”

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How this tweet is still up on Twitter reflects incredibly poorly on the party.

Whether or not you liked John McCain and what he stood for policy-wise and the votes he took as a senator or his 2008 campaign for president, mocking his death after his service to this country during the Vietnam War and the torture he experienced as a prison of war is despicable.

Meghan McCain torched the tweet in a series of posts, writing, “This is hideous – even by twitters standards.”

Should they apologize?

“This is the official Twitter account of the state of New Hampshire’s Libertarian political party. I really fear for the future of the world and how we have come to treat each other – especially on social media. I hope no one ever does anything like this to any of you,” she added in a separate tweet.

Check out some of the reactions below:

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And while there was a lot of criticism of the tweet, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky decided to chime and write, “Is this tweet helpful? No, probably not Is pearl clutching about it helpful? Also no, probably not. This is Twitter, people will forget about it in 2 days.”

It’s not “pearl clutching” to say it’s shameful to mock and celebrate the death of someone — let alone a war hero.

There is no defense for this tweet. And saying that “this is Twitter” is not a good excuse to fail to meet even the lowest standard for being a decent human.

If the Libertarian Party can’t set aside its partisan views to realize that this was a big mistake and apologize, they don’t deserve to win elections — not that they have that great of a track record, to begin with.

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