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George Conway's Group Slams Trump for Refusal to Rename Military Bases That Honor Confederates

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George Conway’s The Lincoln Project is calling out President Donald Trump’s refusal to discuss renaming U.S. Military bases honoring leaders of the Confederacy.

The Lincoln Project released a statement on Wednesday in response to Trump’s tweets doubling down on his refusal to rename military bases named after Confederate leaders.

Labeling him “the Confederacy’s second president,” the group lambasted the president for his stance and his latest actions.

“We never imagined when we named our initiative to defeat the re-election of Donald J. Trump, The Lincoln Project, that the president would go as far as honoring the Confederate Generals who fought against the United States of America to preserve slavery and uphold white supremacy,” the statement reads.

The statement continues, “For all intents and purposes, Donald Trump today became the Confederacy’s second president.” the Lincoln Project wrote, adding, “We cannot allow this.”

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The Lincoln Project has vowed to continue its commitment in the fight against Trump’s re-election.

The Lincoln Project’s latest statement follows Trump’s series of tweets condemning the discussions about the removal of Confederate history elements from public honor.

In response to Trump’s tweets, the Lincoln Project referred to its previous advertisement which highlighted the Confederate flag. The group challenged the display of the flag and questioned its association with Trump.

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The Republican political action committee reposted its video on Wednesday with a new comment following Trump’s series of tweets condemning the idea of removing Confederate leaders from places of public honor.

Despite Trump’s opposition, many businesses and organizations have opted to denounce the Confederate flag. Confederate statues are also being taken down in states across the country.

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