Lindsey Graham Says Trump Should Consider Running in 2024

With President Donald Trump‘s hopes of re-election dashed, there is already chatter about the possibility that the president might try to mount a comeback in a 2024 run.

During an interview on Monday with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said, “I would encourage President Trump, if after all this he does fall short or he just can’t quite get there to not let this movement die. To consider running again.”

“To create an organization, platforms over the next four years to keep his movement alive. Growing the Republican representation in minority communities. Talk about economic populism.”

He added, “Just basically, keep it alive.”

Asked if he believes Trump should run again, Graham said, “I would encourage him to think about doing it. I really would. Because one president has done this — Grover Cleveland … Grover Cleveland came back. Donald Trump should think about it if he falls short.”

Listen to the interview below:

Graham has been one of Trump’s closest allies during his time in Congress. The South Carolina lawmaker fought off an expensive challenger this year for his own senate seat.

On Monday, the website Axios reported that Trump is considering running again in 2024 and already floating the idea to advisors.

President Trump will face an army of investigations and loans-coming-due when he leaves the presidency. The New York Attorney General is investigating Trump’s financial statements and his lawyers have argued that he’s protected from criminal investigations while he occupies the Oval Office.

The New York Times has reported that Trump will owe $300 million in loans that come due over the next four years. The president denied the Times’ report, and called it “totally fake news.”

In an editorial this week, President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump shot down the idea that he may try to run in 2024, calling the notion “a face-saving exercise” and “a way of distracting him from the fact that he’s probably going to prison.”


  1. Phyllis: in a recent poll, 56% of American Fascist voters have pledged support for Dear Leader over the party. He isn’t going anywhere and the party knows it.

  2. “On Monday, the website Axios reported that Trump is considering running again in 2024 and already floating the idea to advisors.”—–Perhaps Trump will announce his run in 2024 as a concession speech.

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