Manchin Dismisses Trump Naming Him 'Joe Munchkin': 'Do You Think Names Bother Me?'


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said he’s not bothered by President Donald Trump’s attacks on him for his vote to convict the president on two articles of impeachment.

Over the weekend, Trump sent several tweets attacking the West Virginia senator for his vote on the articles of impeachment, calling him “Senator Joe Munchkin” in a Sunday morning tweet, and appearing to insult Manchin’s intelligence in other tweets.

In a Monday interview on MSNBC, Manchin said he wasn’t bothered by the attacks, and instead suggested that they make the president look immature.

“Do you think names bother me? Do I look like I’m small and fragile? Names don’t bother me. And the president knows he can’t get to me that way. I’m not going to retaliate. The people want a matured adult, and that’s what the president should be. That’s who we want as our president.”

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Watch Manchin’s interview below:

“I want him to succeed. This is not personal with me. I mean, he can call me all the names he wants to. It makes him look like an immature adult, and I hope he rises above that,” he added.

Additionally, Manchin said that he is “still friends with everybody” and willing to work with Republicans to pass legislation.

Manchin was one of three Democratic senators who were seen as potential swing votes during the impeachment trial. But all three senators voted to find Trump guilty of the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges.

Trump also lashed out at Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who was the sole Republican senator to vote to convict the president on either article of impeachment. 

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