Man's $115K Electric Hummer Breaks Down in Middle of Utah Desert, and It's Not the First Time


A man’s recent off-roading adventure went so wrong that a video documenting the disaster garnered 79,000 views in just one day.

Roman Mica — one of the hosts and reviewers of TFLoffroad, a vehicle review site — got stuck in the middle of the desert when the vehicle he was driving broke down.

That automobile happened to be an electric vehicle: the GMC Hummer EV.

Over the course of the video, Mica showed off the Hummer, its features and its performance during an off-road trip in Moab, Utah, before he, “once again” (oh yes, this isn’t the first time this has happened — more on that later) ran into some trouble with the vehicle.

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As it turns out, green-friendly EVs run into problems just like any other.

Prior to this most recent disaster, Mica’s Hummer had been having difficulties with its ground clearance. According to Mica, when he last brought the vehicle out to the same off-road location, the air suspension failed, leaving it unable to create enough ground clearance to travel over Moab’s uneven terrain.

A little over 10 minutes into the video, as Mica began testing out the vehicle’s suspension, it went kaput entirely.

Perhaps GMC should update the section of its website that boasts about the Hummer’s “OFF-ROAD DOMINANCE.”

Are EVs worth it?

This wasn’t even the first time Mica ran into trouble with the Hummer EV.

Shortly after Mica first bought the vehicle, the $115,000 EV broke down in the middle of a busy highway.

He hadn’t even put 250 miles on it, yet the vehicle was already malfunctioning.

Mica isn’t the only one to face some issues with his Hummer EV. The automobile suffered multiple recalls in 2022.

According to Car Scoops, the second recall, issued in October, was in response to the improper manufacturing of certain materials around the battery pack. Apparently, this could have allowed water to leak into the battery.

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Previously, the Hummer EV had been recalled over software issues in the taillights, according to Electrek.

Now, it certainly could be the case that EVs break down less often than normal vehicles.

Even with that being the case, EV owners better pray to God that they never run into any serious issues because repairing them is more expensive by a long shot.

According to a Forbes report, while EVs will eventually be cheaper to operate in the future, as of now, they are “significantly more expensive to repair.” Based on an aggregation of insurance claims, the average EV model cost $4,041 to fix, roughly 27 percent more than non-electric vehicles.

Maybe the world isn’t quite ready for EVs just yet.

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