Matt Walsh Says Live-Action 'Snow White' Casting Is 'Anti-White Racism'


Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh slammed the filmmakers of the new live-action movie “Snow White” for their choice in casting.

In a viral tweet shared by Walsh to Twitter on Monday, he called out Hollywood for its agenda to change the race of white characters, but claimed the reasoning behind it wasn’t “‘just political correctness'”

“Snow White is now brown because the filmmakers view the character’s whiteness as a flaw to be fixed. It’s anti-white racism and should be called such,” he added.

On July 15, actress Rachel Zegler, who was cast as Snow White in the anticipated film, responded to the criticsm on her Twitter page.

“extremely (sic) appreciative of the love i (sic) feel from those defending me online, but please don’t tag me in the nonsensical discourse about my casting. i (sic) really, truly do not want to see it,” she wrote in the caption of photos of her as a child dressed up as the Disney princess.

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She added, “so (sic) i (sic) leave you w (sic) these photos! i (sic) hope every child knows they can be a princess no matter what.”

Director Robby Starbuck also pointed out the change in the skin color of Snow White on his Twitter page.

“Meet the cast of Disney’s new woke Snow White film. Snow White is Columbian now and the 7 dwarves look more like the 6 normal sized hipster pedos and 1 dwarf from Portland,” he wrote.

He continued, “Snow White no longer has ‘skin white as snow.’ Absolutely ridiculous.”

This came after the Daily Mail posted exclusive photos of Zegler and the rest of the cast, with “a mix of genders, ethnicities and heights,” filming scenes for the movie.

Initially, a Disney spokesperson told The Daily Beast, “The photos are fake and not from our production.”

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However, the studio retracted the statement hours later and revealed “the photos were from the production but were not official photos,” per the outlet.

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