Maya Rudolph Teases Potential Reprise of Her Role as Kamala Harris on 'SNL'


Maya Rudolph, who portrayed Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on “Saturday Night Live” during the Democratic presidential debates, teased about the possible return of the impression in the near future.

On Tuesday, Rudolph shared her reaction to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selecting Harris as his running mate.

Biden’s announcement actually came while Rudolph was participating in a panel discussion on “Entertainment Tonight.”

“Oh s***,” Rudolph said to the panel of Emmy nominees in reaction to the announcement. She also said, “That’s spicy.”

“Somebody’s gonna be very busy now,” Wanda Sykes said, suggesting Rudolph might be making a return to SNL.

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In response to Sykes suggestion, Rudolph said, “Ruh-roh.”

Recalling her time on SNL, the Emmy-nominated comedian went on to discuss the likelihood of her reprising the role. Although she admitted she has been apprehensive about traveling during the pandemic, she alluded to the possibility of making an exception for SNL.

“I love going to the show any excuse I can get… I just didn’t really anticipate traveling during this pandemic, but if there’s anyone who can work it out I’m sure Lorne [Michaels] has some kind of invisible helicopter that can get me there,” Rudolph said.

She continued, “Ever since I was a kid, truly, I wanted to be on any kind of ‘SCTV,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and I can’t believe that I got to work there, and I can’t believe that it’s my family still.”

Elijah Nouvelage/File Photo/Reuters

Rudolph admitted she was “thrilled” about her previous SNL role because it gave her the opportunity to go back to her “favorite place to play.”

“I’m so thrilled that I got to go back. It’s my favorite place to play,” Rudolph added.

Rudolph’s reaction to Harris winning the vice-presidential nomination comes months after her previous appearances on SNL. Back in September of last year, Rudolph made her first appearance impersonating Harris.

At one point, Harris even took to Twitter with her reaction to Rudolph’s performance. The California lawmaker appeared to signal her approval.

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She tweeted, “That girl being played by [Maya Rudolph] on [NBC SNL]? That girl was me.”

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