McEnany Calls for Biden To Be Pressed With 'Hard Questions' at First Press Conference


Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany wants President Joe Biden to be grilled at his upcoming press conference.

“It is incredible what the Biden White House is able to get away with,” McEnany told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday evening.

She was touching on Biden tripping up the stairs on Air Force One and former President Donald Trump’s slow descent down a ramp at West Point in June 2020. Trump’s moment sparked questions over his health. After Biden’s moment, Biden White House officials said it was “very windy” outside.

McEnany then expressed that she is “hopeful” for Biden’s first formal press conference since taking office, which will be on Thursday.

“We’ll see, but the press needs to ask these really hard questions of him,” she said.

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The former White House press secretary continued, “And I’m not just saying, you know, ‘What are your thoughts on the border?’ That’s not a sufficient checking of the box question. They need to ask him, ‘You say you blame this on Trump, explain to me specifically how this is Trump’s fault when, in fact, numbers came down when he took historic immigration action in 2019. And they’ve gone up, and they’re wearing Biden t-shirts, flying Biden flags.”

“He needs to be confronted that directly and that specifically,” she added.

Watch McEnany’s interview below:

McEnany previously called it “confounding” that Biden’s upcoming press conference was announced over a week in advance, as IJR reported on.

“It’s extraordinary that he hasn’t taken questions so far,” McEnany said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” on March 17.

While Biden has taken questions at a town hall event and during interviews, he has not held a formal press conference yet. Thursday will be his first as president.

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