Meadows on Criticism of Trump's Law and Order Message: 'Most of Donald Trump's America Is Peaceful'


President Donald Trump and his supporters say that “no one will be safe in Biden’s America” as they point to violent demonstrations in several cities.

However, critics of the president point out that the violence is taking place while he is in the Oval Office.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, host Chuck Todd pressed White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on whether Trump bears responsibility for the unrest in the streets.

He asked, “I look at the violence this week, Mr. Meadows, this is in Donald Trump’s America. How much responsibility should voters be giving the president for his inability to keep the streets safe?”

“You can try to reframe it that way, Chuck. But that’s just not accurate,” Meadows responded.

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He continued to say that the White House offered to send National Guard troops and federal law enforcement officers to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to help quell the violence that erupted after the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Meadows claimed it was only after two people were shot and killed amid the unrest in Kenosha that Gov. Tony Evers (D) accepted federal assistance.

“And that’s what needs to happen in Portland,” Meadows continued. “You know, it’s interesting to see you frame Portland that way after 94 days. Perhaps now we’re going to act because someone was shot last night.

“You know, you want to talk about Donald Trump’s America. Most of Donald Trump’s America is peaceful. It is a Democrat-led city in Portland that we’re talking this morning — who just yesterday denied help from the federal government,” he added.

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Meadows continued to slam the district attorney in Portland for releasing guidelines that said his office would not prosecute non-violent charges. Meadows noted that those guidelines also stipulated that charges of assaulting a police officer will be met with scrutiny.

Todd responded by claiming that Meadows made an “interesting comparison,” and asked, “Is there parts of the country that the president doesn’t govern? I mean, is the president only in charge of places where he has supporters?”

“He does govern and lead the entire country, but Chuck you’re smarter than that, these are local law enforcement efforts that can be supported by a federal backstop,” Meadows responded. 

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Additionally, Meadows said Todd should show viewers a letter Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) wrote that was dated August 28, which rejected Trump’s offer to send federal law enforcement to help quell the violence.

The letter read, “Yet again, you said you offered to aid Portland by sending in federal law enforcement to our city. On behalf of the City of Portland: No thanks.”

Wheeler continued to condemn the violence and vowed that those who commit acts of violence would be prosecuted.

However, he claimed federal law enforcement officials’ presence over the summer only made the demonstrations worse. 

Over the summer, federal law enforcement officers were sent to Portland to help quell the violence. However, many, including Wheeler, said their presence only inflamed tensions and sparked further violence. 

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