Melania Trump Told to Have 'Escape Route' Ready


For many men, losing their wife amid grappling with a quartet of criminal indictments would be the anvil that broke the camel’s back.

Heck, divorce is devastating enough as it is — even without those indictments hanging over your head.

So it only makes total sense that the buzzards are circling the marriage of former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump now that the former president is seemingly at his lowest point.

It is worth noting that “seemingly” is the operative word as there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the weaponization of the legal system against Trump has actually backfired.

And yet, one public relations expert is sounding the alarm on behalf of Melania Trump and telling the U.K. Mirror that she should start planning an exit strategy.

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“If I was Melanie’s friend or her publicist I would be advising her to keep her distance as well. The easiest thing to justify is the lack of something,” PR expert Jane Owen told the British outlet. “She can say she was with her child, doing charity work, busy with literally anything and no one can fault her for it. Donald himself is not going to draw attention to her absence as a negative thing. So it’s the easiest option.”

Owen, however, assumes that things will get worse for the former president before they get better, and thus thinks that Melania Trump will need more than just an alibi.

“On the other hand the negative repercussions of being involved in scandals and prison sentences and all the craziness that is a day to day of the Donald Trump situation right now, are so many it’s impossible to count,” Owen continued. “There’s also a very strong possibility that it all gets much worse for Trump especially if he doesn’t win the next election.”

The ultimate solution for Melania, at least according to this “PR expert”?

Would Melania Trump abandon her husband?

“If I was her I would be planning an escape route from the whole situation,” Owen said.

(The flippant way in which people regard marriage is a separate topic for a much longer article, but this writer digresses.)

Look, this is hardly the first time that people have tried to suggest that Melania and Donald Trump are headed for Splitsville.

Given the aforementioned way in which losing one’s wife can have debilitating effects, it makes sense that the left would try to target Trump in this fashion.

Well, not unlike these spurious charges being levied against him, the cries for Melania to leave Donald have largely fallen on deaf ears.

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Despite the best efforts of leftist shills like “The View” to wedge a divide between the former president and former first lady, it hasn’t worked.

And if an April report suggesting that Melania’s support of Donald throughout these legal woes is to be believed, these calls for them to split only appear to have strengthened the pairing’s commitment to one another.

Why else would a completely separate report nearly four months later describe Melania (and her unwavering support) as Donald’s “secret weapon” during these trying times?

So, please, leftists and Never Trumpers… keep barking up this tree. It’s an exceptional waste of time and resources for you guys.

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