Michelle Obama Wishes Barack Obama Happy Birthday: 'Here's to All the Good Days'


Former First Lady Michelle Obama wished her husband a happy birthday this week in a tweet as the pair are sure to have a busy few months ahead of them with the election looming and the first few episodes of Michelle’s new podcast.

Michelle shared a photo of the couple and their daughters with the caption, “Happy birthday to my favorite guy. Here’s to all the good days, blue skies, and new adventures to come.”

Michelle Obama recently launched a new podcast on Spotify and her first guest on the show was former President Barack Obama.

When she announced that her husband would be her guest, Obama added, “You’ll also hear from many of my girlfriends, the women who’ve always been there with a shoulder to lean on, a perspective to think about, or simply an open line to vent to.”

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The Obamas have mostly stayed out of the public eye since they left the White House, but in the several months, they’ve made themselves more visible. In June, they gave a commencement address to the Class of 2020.

But during a speech at the recent funeral of Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis, former president Obama took open shots at the Trump administration, condemning the White House’s decision to gas protesters at a square near the White House. He also criticized the attacks on voting rights.

Barack Obama also recently appeared on camera with former Vice President Joe Biden. In that clip, they slammed Trump, with Obama saying “Can you imagine standing up when you were president and saying ‘it’s not my responsibility. I take no responsibility.’ Literally. Literally.”

President Trump has spent the past few years taking shots at Obama and accusing the administration of spying on his campaign and even accusing both Obama and Biden of treason.

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