Michelle Obama Wins a Grammy Award for Audiobook of Best-Selling ‘Becoming’ Memoir

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama received yet another award on Sunday night when she was honored with a Grammy for the audiobook of her memoir, “Becoming.” The other top name in the category was the Beastie Boys, who were nominated for their “Beastie Boys Book.”

“Becoming” was a wildly popular book, as it stayed at the top of the best-seller list for months. On the day after Obama won a Grammy, her book was still at #4 on The New York Times list of hardcover nonfiction and it’s been on the list for the past 58 weeks.

Former Vice President Joe Biden congratulated Obama on Twitter, writing, “Jill and I are so thrilled for you. Just beat Barack to an EGOT, will ya?” — the “EGOT” is an abbreviation for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, the four major awards of show business.

However, the former first lady has only won a Grammy Award and her husband has won two Grammys, one for each of his memoirs. The Obamas production company, Higher Ground Productions, did earn an Oscar nomination for their documentary about a factory in Dayton, Ohio.

Obama also isn’t the only first lady to have a Grammy to her name. Hillary Clinton won a Grammy in 1997 for her book “It Takes a Village.”

Though the Grammy ceremony is an event of the season, Obama wasn’t in Los Angeles for the awards. The former first lady is currently off her tour schedule — after the release of her memoir she sold out a tour across the nation. But she’s not scheduled to be back on the road until February 8th, when she will appear in Brooklyn, N.Y., with Oprah Winfrey.

In the early phases of the 2020 race, there was plenty of speculation that Obama would run for president to try to unseat President Donald Trump. However, the former first lady publicly said that she has no interest in politics.


  1. >Diane<

    Rumor being circulated is that Michelle (or Mike) will be one of quid pro quo Joe's pick for VP should there be enough sleeping voters to vote for him to be their nominee. .

    1. You really enjoy being a misogynistic racist, don’t you?

  2. This is analogous to Mr. Obama winning a Nobel Prize for, well . . . , doing nothing. It all makes so much sense.

    1. Except she did do something… She had a best selling audio book. What else was she supposed to have done to qualify for an audio book award?

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