‘Mexico Doesn’t Want Us’: Migrants Get Stuck at Mexico-Guatemala Border

Hundreds of Central Americans trying to reach the United States were stuck at the Mexico-Guatemala border on Wednesday after the Mexican government beefed up security to meet U.S. demands to contain migrant flows.

Under sustained pressure from President Donald Trump, Mexico’s government has adopted tougher measures to reduce the number of people heading towards the U.S. border.

Migrants in Tecun Uman, on the Guatemalan side of the border, were taken by surprise.

“We thought we’d be allowed through just like with the October caravan when they reached Tijuana,” said Honduran migrant Ritzy Anabel, who did not give her surname.

“People from Mexico and Guatemala treated them well. But now it’s changed because Mexicans don’t want (us) to enter.”

Many Central Americans migrants heading north are fleeing economic hardship and violence at home. A large caravan of migrants crossed into Mexico and went north in October 2018. Migrants crossing into Mexico earlier this week faced tear gas from security forces, who delivered a firmer response than in previous mass movements at the border.

Even so, about 1,000 migrants, most of them from Honduras, managed to reach Mexican soil on Tuesday. Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said several hundred of the new arrivals were immediately deported on planes and buses.

On Wednesday, Mexican authorities said that 460 Honduran migrants were deported throughout the day. Other migrants from the group, including families traveling with children, were pondering their next moves.

Honduran Carlos Amador said that while some of his compatriots were returning home, others were hoping for positive news.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to punish Mexico and Central American countries if they fail to clamp down on the migrant flows. That has resulted in a series of agreements aimed at delivering on Trump’s campaign promises to curb immigration.

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf called the measures put in place by the Mexican National Guard “effective”, adding that dozens of his personnel was on the ground in Central America assisting local immigration and security officials. Trump tweeted: “Sorry, if you come you will be immediately sent back!” 

(Editing by Jacqueline Wong)


  1. The folks in this picture don’t look like migrants. They look like they’re in line for a food truck after an early evening show.

  2. and the U.S. does? Why don’t you stay in your own country and fix it instead of running way like cowards.

  3. If their country is that bad, they would be better off getting their current government officials out of power and forming a new government.

  4. Honestly. Al of these people look healthier and better dressed than our homeless living in big cities like SF and LA today.

  5. Stop saying that they’re fleeing violence. They are SOLELY invading the US thinking that they’ll get welfare and other freebies.

  6. The only people that want you is Democratic leaders because they will give you enough free stuff so you will vote for them for life.

  7. Mexico doesn’t want them…
    Neither do patriotic Americans!

    1. Come legally, go through the process, become a citizen, get a job, pay your taxes and assimilate into our melting pot US culture and I’ll gladly accept you. In other words ‘NO FREE RIDES!’

    2. I know we want separation of church and state, but your non-Christian statement should give you and your family pause.

  8. So sad, too bad, go back home where you belong. The US doesn’t want you neither.

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