Mike Bloomberg Lampoons Trump’s Golfing Habit in New Television Ad

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has yet another advertisement out in his seemingly nonstop television blitz against President Donald Trump and this one trolls the president for his frequent trips to the golf course.

In the short clip, which was posted to YouTube by his team on Wednesday, Bloomberg defends his decision as New York mayor to give Trump a contract to run a golf course.

He says, “He was the only bidder and running a golf course is the only job I would hire him for.” The ad is peppered with images of Trump on the golf course, including one of him on all fours, climbing up a hill.

Bloomberg’s constant ad push has rewarded him in the polls — though he’s still in the single digits, he’s been rising for months. He recently overtook Pete Buttigieg in the polling average tallied by RealClearPolitics.

The billionaire’s ads are almost always at Trump rather than any of his opponents in the Democratic field. His campaign will even run a 60-second-long advertisement during the Super Bowl that will tackle gun violence and reported to have cost up to $11 million.

But Bloomberg won’t be the only candidate on television screens when during the Super Bowl — Trump is also airing two advertisements, which one will boast the strong economy.

Bloomberg and Trump have a long history: when Bloomberg was the mayor of New York City, Trump was the most visible businessman in the metropolis.

But that relationship has certainly soured. Last week, Trump even attacked Bloomberg in a Tweet over his ad spending, writing, “Mini Mike Bloomberg is playing poker with his foolhardy and unsuspecting Democrat rivals. […] when Mini losses, he will be spending very little of his money on these ‘clowns’ because he will consider himself to be the biggest clown of them all – and he will be right!”


  1. Yet Mikey fails to acknowledge his own recreational habits like overturning Constitutional rights, sexist comments and behavior, or thinking he can run other peoples’ lives.

    I notice Mikey failed to menton Obozo’s frequent outhngs to the golf courses.

    1. Probably because president Trump has golfed so much Obama’s outings are practically irrelevant. Why would you even bother when president Trump is going to beat out Obama’s 8 year total in less than 4.

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