‘Mr. Potato Head Isn’t Going Anywhere!’: Hasbro Clarifies Change to Toy Line

Hasbro is clarifying a change to its Mr. Potato Head toy line following reports that it was replacing the toys with a gender-neutral version.

In a tweet Thursday afternoon, the toy company wrote, “Hold that Tot – your main spud, MR. POTATO HEAD isn’t going anywhere!”

“While it was announced today that the POTATO HEAD brand name & logo are dropping the ‘MR.’ I yam proud to confirm that MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD aren’t going anywhere and will remain MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD,” it added.

According to The Hill, the Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head toys will still be available. However, Hasbro said the brand name and its logo will be stripped of the honorifics.

The company also said it is launching a “Potato Head” family toy line in the fall that will let “kids imagine and create Potato Head families,” which include two parents and a baby.”

“Kids can have fun expressing themselves and creating lots of wacky looks. Sized right for little hands, there’s no wrong way to play when mixing and mashing the parts and pieces,” the description said.

The clarification came after social media erupted following reports that Hasbro would replace the iconic toys with a gender-neutral toy.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Speaking about the change in the brand, Hasbro senior vice president Kimberly Boyd told Fast Company, “Kids want to be able to represent their own experiences. The way the brand currently exists — with the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ — is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure.”


  1. Doubt if you sell anymore. I wouldn’t buy it but I’ll buy Mr Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head. Good luck “HasBeen”

  2. Why are conservatives upset about this? This is a private company making a business decision to further their brand and make them more marketable to all families. Hasbro is going to do what gives them more consumers.

    Conservatives seem REALLY confused about what capitalism means lately.

    1. For real? It reminds them of their childhood as either they or one of their friends had it the game so when someone irresponsibly says Hasbro getting rid of the “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, they are understandably upset. Hasbro has since come out and clarified their position in which “Mr.” & “Mrs.” will remain but there will be a toy line called Potato head family
      As for conservatives being confused – they may complain but that’s it whereas liberals will “cancel” a person or company if they don’t do what they want.

      1. And it not having Mr or Mrs on the box of a toy affects them how? The toy is still available. Same fun concept for kids. Literally nothing has changed except there is less hard discussions for kids in unconventional family homes. Which means more parents of those unconventional homes will be more willing to buy those products.

      2. “As for conservatives being confused – they may complain but that’s it whereas liberals will “cancel” a person or company if they don’t do what they want.” Bernadette

        Sorry, Bernadette, but you unfounded claims don’t hold up under scrutiny based on recent events. Conservatives do a whole bunch of cancelling. The difference with what YOU said and reality is that you just did projection and deflection, to make conservatives LOOK good. Didn’t work.

      3. You did not check with Ron Thomas. He is not buying it. WHY is it not “‘cancel” a person or company if they don’t do what they want” when Trumpers were boycotting the NFL? The WalMart and Krogers for their change in policy to selling guns to 18 yr olds? Of CNN, NYT or WaPo when they would call a LIE a LIE and report something you did not wish to hear? When R’s in NC, IL, AZ, WY, UT and PA censured members of Congress to have the audacity to believe that inciting an insurrection is an impeachable offense?? When Senate R’s can’t vote to confirm Neera Tanden NOT because she isn’t qualified, but because she tweeted mean things about them? When Trump called for a boycott of Goodyear and Harley Davidson—AMERICAN companies? Boycotting FOX News when they called Arizona for Biden on election night?
        Are Trumpers even the least bit SELF AWARE? So just complaining is what Trumpers do??? Was the Insurrection on Jan 6th, your idea of “may complain” when the election did not go as you wanted?? WHEN will Trumpers be STARTING this “just complaining”?

        1. Tell me, what is it about freedom you don’t understand? Your examples only show one side of your argument.
          Tell me about all of the liberal calls for bans on things you disagree with. What we conservatives want is intellectual honesty. Can you honestly say the sources you sited are anything but biased? CNN? NYT? WaPo? Really? There has been nothing but 24/7/365 assault on Trump, that is still going on because now that you’ve won, you have nothing to report, you have no villain. Where is the reporting on Cuomo? Is that your idea of honesty?
          You have no issue with the swing states that were all showing for President Trump, mysteriously shutting down the counting at the same time, and then just as mysteriously having massive votes then shifting to President Biden? The videos of the after hours counting in Georgia?
          That should concern you as a citizen for fair elections, but then again, you probably have no issue with 4+ years of never ending accusations against the media, Congress, et al.
          Tell me, how did your retirement accounts do under Trump? If your so outraged, give all that money back. (I doubt that will happen).
          Tell me, how do you like paying an extra $.40/ gallon since the start of the Biden presidency. You know, less than 40 days in?
          And now, the endless “hatred” loving media, Congress, celebrities, et al., now want us to be civil to one another, and “come together” to “heal” the nation.
          You will myopically say “oh it was Trump who fomented all this hatred,” while denying the culpability of the liberals, the MSM, Democrats, TV talk shows, and their endless, 24/7 barrage against Trump.
          Where is your outrage over the banning of conservatives on social media and never say anything about the hatred of Antifa, BLM and so on to continue? You are a hypocrite of the first order.
          Get over your self-righteous clap trap. You are intellectually bankrupt.
          You don’t want a dialog, all you want is the continued hatred of conservatives and doing everything you can to silence us.
          You should be happy. You won. Why are you so miserable?
          Even though we lost an election, and you are doing everything to ban us from life, know this, you will not break our spirit.
          We believe in the good in people. We want ALL people to succeed in life.
          And when FAIRLY compared, our ideas will always win the day.

          1. Your long drawn out post is standard party line fodder and misdirections. Are you saying that’s it’s false that Mafia Don called for boycotting Goodyear Tire because they would not allow employees to wear MAGA attire? And your comment about hate from the left is false. The biggest threat of violence to the US is far right white militia groups. Check out the FBI reports. I don’t believe I ever heard BLM protestors saying anything about hating whites. They were calling for an equal playing field. And Antifa is a belief and not an organized hate group like the PB, Oath Keepers or QAnons. It’s interesting that an article about toys would bring about such an emotional tirade. “You believe in the good in people” as you said. The facts don’t support that comment. Those like you, believe that the only people with “good” in them are white, God fearing, heterosexual, flag waving “patriots”. By your comments I can infer that you support the insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol because they believed a lie from a the former president. I see you as a person that is frightened because times are changing and they are becoming the minority. But violence and hate has never been the solution that you think it is.

          2. Tony….Trump deserves all the hate he gets. As far as hate goes Trump and his followers hate everyone that isn’t Republican and racist. Republicans are not only intellectually bankrupt but emotionally bankrupt as well. You don’t care about the well being of this country yet you call yourselves Patriots? Where is your belief in good people? You must mean good people who are white, born in this country ( unless your parents are illegal imigrants ), in other words only good people who agree with you. Gas went up in price before Biden was sworn in. All you can point to is your 401k’s and 403B’s. And screw everyone else. No minimum wage increases, no food for hungry poor children, no significant social security increases, etc. You just worry about you Tony and screw everyone else, then act like you are promoting peace and love! Actions speak louder than words, where was Trumps compassion? Tired of hearing you bit*h and moan. We ARE happy, it’s you that’s miserable. Get used to us because this country spoke. We’re not going anywhere!

    2. “Why are conservatives upset about this?” Phoenix

      The short answer? Conservatives don’t like change. The long answer? Conservatives don’t like change, at all.

      Another part is that conservatives are afraid and anything beyond traditional and obvious male-female identity makes them uncomfortable, even scared, so they have to lash out at concepts foreign to their sensibilities. Their brains can’t handle that sort of thing. There are a number of research results that prove conservative brains are, um, different than liberal brains. I remember that fact was in discussion when I first joined IJR. Fascinating research, if that sort of thing interests to.

      I just posted a link for Phyllis in a recent thread regarding more recent research into the conservative brain, too. Brains of really conservative people don’t do certain tasks well, so this stuff is real.

      1. I do not refer to Trumpers as “conservatives.” Having been an R for 31 years, I am familiar with conservative principles. Trumpers do NOT hold those beliefs. You and I have been reading IJR comments long enough to recognize Trumpers inability to employ LOGIC in their thought process.

    3. Phoenix,
      We have no confusion whatsoever.
      What makes you think that trying to placate .1% or .2% of the population while alienating 99.9% of the population is a smart financial decision?
      Recent history is filled with examples of failed boycotts by the left which have backfired and caused Conservatives to come out in full force to support the MAJORITY. Can we say GOYA foods?
      But then again, that is what you liberals do. You want to put everyone into some kind of group instead of allowing people to be who they are. And before you chime back about Conservatives who are hateful, yes we admit they are just as bad, but we want to root them out. You liberals refuse to admit the hatred of BLM, Antifa, etc…
      Transgenderism is not a biologically viable personage. We have masculine females, and effeminate males, that is a part of nature. When you then move to cutting off body parts or adding them, guess what, you are going against NATURE!!!!!! And no amount of surgery or hormones is going to make a male be a female or female be a male.
      So if Hasbro wants to commit business suicide to satisfy a minute portion of the population, so be it. And when their stock falls through the floor, and their profits(yes, that is capitalism) plummet, who then will be to blame?
      We bigoted, racist, homophobic Conservatives? Or you liberals, desperate to put all people into a class because you can’t come to grips with who you are as a person?

      1. “You want to put everyone into some kind of group instead of allowing people to be who they are.” Tony

        BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, THAT is rich.

        “Transgenderism is not a biologically viable personage. Blah, blah, blah.” Tony

        And? What business is that of yours, Tony?

      2. In the exact same post accusing me of putting people in boxes you advocated to put those who are transgender in boxes AND anyone you consider liberal. So spare me your fake outrage, you do the exact same thing. 😉

        The fact is conservatives (or just the hateful ones?) don’t have the same boycott/market power they did before. Evidence is Dicks Sporting Goods, Starbucks, NFL, basically any big tech company, etc.. to name a few. Hasbro will continue to sell the same cheaply made potato heads they always have and anyone who doesn’t buy it over this change is going to be minor compared the the number of people who suddenly start buying them again so they can feel “woke”.

        Plus, the majority of those upset over this change are likely in an 9lder generation. They aren’t buying toys the same rate my generation is.

      3. So Tony…explain why republicans are voting against Biden’s emergency Covid plan when 76% of democrat and republican voters approve of the plan. The current GOP is so out of touch with the majority of Americans and is only sucking up to Mafia Dons base which makes up only 30% of the voting population.

    4. You seem to forget that the majority of conservatives are Christian. What we see is that our nation is allowing a group that is less than 5% of our population demand not just equality, but to uphold and embrace their lifestyle choices. What this has fueled is basically the creation of a new “being” almost on a daily basis with each demanding an equal platform. If they do not get it there is a boatload of money and legal people to force upon you. Hollywood is doing a great job of painting such innocence to these lifestyle choices. Now that there is a very expensive treatment for HIV and education on the use of condoms is saving at least their lives they have gone silent about AIDS. They spent years convincing us that this is a crisis that is affecting us all and that we need to throw every dollar at finding treatment. What that should have highlighted was the down and dirty aspect of human immorality, putting it where it does not belong. That includes infidelity, permescuity in and outside of marriage along with sexual practices that lead to STD’s, AIDS, Hepatitis, HPV, many of which we are finding out cause cancer years later in parts of the body where it has never been seen before. (You see all these drug commercials out now that delicately talk about protecting your loved ones from these diseases). We are allowing the promotion of sexual practices, that without man’s intervention, would most definitely lead to pain, suffering and death just as the Bible warns us of. This has led to mutilation of children as the parents are forced to go along with whatever gender struggle their children are going through. This has caused permanent psychological damage as these children become adults. This is all covered up so that their agenda of accepting every type of choice is to be embraced. This level of dysfunction has destroyed God’s family unit, the sanctity of marriage and life and created a Trillion dollar per year price tag on picking up the destruction in its wake. That is how much we spend on assistance of all types in this country and all that has generated is complaints that we aren’t doing enough. Sorry, we care because God cares about the choices we make.

      1. What you’re forgetting is the high number of suicide rates, drug use, depression, murders, divorce, homelessness, etc… that comes out of people having to deny who they are. Pretending this stuff isn’t reality doesn’t help your argument.

        You also assume that anyone not transgender is being forced to accept others. You’re obviously wrong. When you factor in people who openly support or just plain don’t care, you’re actually in your own douchey minority by openly objecting. Ouch.

      2. “You seem to forget that the majority of conservatives are Christian.” Lee

        You say that as if it is a good thing. Nothing could be further from the truth, Lee. Christian Nationalists and evangelicals are a very dangerous, corrosive element in our society.

        “we care because God cares about the choices we make” Lee

        Really? Prove it.

      3. Lee….so you’re are saying that people who get AIDs through no fault of their own should just die, that we wasted money finding a treatment. People who got AIDs from blood transfusions, from being born with it or who were given this disease by cheating husbands and wives should just die? Christians are supposed to be compassionate.

    5. Just wait until the toy companies start making transgender dolls if they haven’t already. You’ll see the Repubs lose their minds.

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