Musk Reacts to Twitter Shutting Down Premiere of The Daily Wire's Documentary


Twitter owner Elon Musk is reacting to his company’s decision to cancel a deal to stream a documentary from a conservative outlet.

On Thursday, Jeremy Boreing, a co-founder of The Daily Wire, released a lengthy Twitter thread about an attempted deal to premiere the documentary “What is a Woman?”

“Twitter canceled a deal with [The Daily Wire] to premiere What is a Woman? for free on the platform because of two instances of ‘misgendering.’ I’m not kidding,” Boreing wrote.

The co-founder also said Twitter officials said the platform would restrict the reach of “What is a Woman?” if it was shared on the platform.

The documentary focuses on the debate over transgender surgeries and gender identity.

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The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh shared a screen shot from Twitter. It showed the platform restricted him from re-tweeting a video clip from the documentary.

Hours later, Musk responded to Boreing as he wrote, “This was a mistake by many people at Twitter. It is definitely allowed.”

“Whether or not you agree with using someone’s preferred pronouns, not doing so is at most rude and certainly breaks no laws,” he continued.

Musk noted he used someone’s preferred pronouns “just as I use someone’s preferred name, simply from the standpoint of good manners.”

“However, for the same reason, I object to rude behavior, ostracism or threats of violence if the wrong pronoun or name is used,” he added.

Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong reacted to the incident as he wrote, “Imagine being Elon. You go to sleep thinking everything is in good hands, and when you wake up everything is on fire.”

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“Happens a lot,” Musk responded.

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