Pelosi Answers Question About Whether Harris Is Best Running Mate for Biden


As people wonder about Vice President Kamala Harris’s fitness for the job, one politician said as long as President Joe Biden approves, that’s what matters.

That’s according to former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

While speaking on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on Wednesday evening, Pelosi praised Harris, adding she feels people “don’t give her enough credit.”

“He thinks so,” Pelosi answered of Harris being the best running mate for Biden. “And that’s what matters.”

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“By the way, she’s very politically astute,” Pelosi said, deflecting a question about whether she thought Harris was the best running mate. “I don’t think people give her enough credit. She’s of course values-based, consistent with the president’s values and the rest. People don’t understand, she’s politically astute.”

Harris continued on to question why Harris “would be vice president if she were not?” pointing to how when Harris ran for attorney general of California “she had 6 percent in the polls” and still “politically astutely made her case about why she would be good” and ended up being attorney general.

A CBS News/ YouGov Survey conducted between Sept. 5 and 8 showed that 59% of voters disapprove of Harris’ job as vice president while 41% approve. A poll conducted by Redfield and Wilton Strategies between Sept. 3 and 4 showed that 43% of voters disapproved of Harris’ job as vice president with 34% approving.

“She’s the vice president of the United States. People say to me, ‘Well why isn’t she doing this or that?’ I say, ‘Because she’s the vice president.’ That’s the job description. You don’t do that much. You’re a source of strength, inspiration, intellectual resource.”

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