Pelosi Hints at Bill to Remove Confederate Statues from the Capitol

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has already been outspoken about removing statues and busts of Confederates from the U.S. Capitol and now she says that “there will be legislation that will come forward” on the issue.

Asked during a Wednesday interview with CNN if she wished that she had removed the statues during her first tenure as speaker, Pelosi said “Well, I removed Robert E. Lee I put him down … into the crypt.”

She continued, “Right now the mood in the country is so completely different and the desire to rid ourselves of any of these symbols of bigotry and hatred is much stronger. There will be legislation that will come forward and hopefully it could pass the House and Senate and be signed by the president.”

Pelosi said that she will have announcements about potential legislation on Thursday.

She added, “There are, I think it’s eleven statues in the Capitol. Now, they’re sent there by their states and so their states determine who represents them in the Capitol. But I think now with the mood in the country, it is such that these states are going to have to rethink.”

The Speaker said, “They can send them, but I don’t know that we have to display them. That’s the discussion we’ll be involved in. I decided that we weren’t displaying Robert E. Lee when I was speaker.”

She noted that Rosa Parks and Sojourner Truth are statues in the Capitol, saying, “We tried to, shall we say, diversify the manifestations of the American people that are in the Capitol.”

This is not the first time that Pelosi has pushed for the removal of Confederate statues under the Capitol dome. In a recent letter to the Joint Committee on the Library, she wrote “Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage. They must be removed.”


  1. How about we remove her. Unfortunately, that won’t happen since her district is San Francisco.

  2. OK Polosi try the Dixie demarcates and Gorge Wallace . They started the KKK and Jim crow laws to keep Republicans out of the south. The demarcates are leaders in voter suppression . So you think you get votes from the Black Lives Matters group by helping destroy our history. Seems the saying tells us that without history we will redo our mistakes. But demarcates never learn. Now tell me how many in the Black lives matters group vote. Most are college students doing as liberal professors tell them. So we need to clean out liberal professors before police.
    But those statues you know your bill will go no where. Your doing it so if the senate stops it they are racist . But if they cave in and go along with it Trump will stop it he is the racist.
    Truth you are the racist playing with our history for votes. You are playing with firer . Your using Black voters again. Truth Biden said they will put you in chains. No you will put them in chains or prison. Someone will pay for the crime they committed every summer since the last mid-term of Obama. The 2 backing it is Obama and the so call REV SHARPTON . Yes Sharpton and Obama the new Martin Luther King . Sorry your dealing with hate and you don’t win that way. The biggest piece of recent history was the 60’s. King fought for his people and died so they could have better. Now these 2 civil rights wannabe’s want to change history with the backing of the demarcate party. They tried to disarm Americans but now everyone is getting guns. Thank the demarcates for the fall of this country. Can’t blame the black lives matter group they think they will get something. Sorry the way your going there will be nothing left.

  3. If you want to get rid of the real bigotry and racism, remove the Democrats first. They are using blacks to get votes as they have done since they realized that giving out handouts works. Pelosi looks more and more like a Muslim terrorist every day. Consider putting down the finger, Nancy.

  4. News flash, the ghetto thugs will never be satisfied until all statues of white men are removed.

  5. Here’s an idea. Let’s get rid of all statues. And while we’re at it let’s close all the museums and save a lot of money.

  6. As long as you’re being woke, don’t forget about Grand Wizard Robert Byrd’s bust!

  7. If they tear down are historical statues, then we tear down all statues of blacks.

    1. That’s why she’s called Nasty Pelosi, or Nazi Pelosi. She’s very oppressive for a fascist.

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