New Harris Controversy: Social Media Message Backfires Into 'Modern Racism'


Kamala Harris’ communications team must be as bad at its job as she is at hers.

The vice president is already known for babbling out streams of laughably pretentious statements clearly aimed at being inspirational but coming off as inane instead.

Now her social media squad has kicked off the week making her look even worse.

A Twitter post published Sunday to Harris’ personal account includes a picture of the veep with a caption targeted to a tiny minority of the United States population, with the exhortation, “My message to Black women and girls everywhere: Never ask for permission to lead.”

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It was obviously meant to be inspirational. But what it inspired was a reaction no image-crafter is aiming aim for: Disgust, anger and withering contempt.

First of all, for reasons only Harris’ PR squad could explain, Harris is pictured with a girl wearing a mask while the vice president’s face is uncovered.

For many Twitter users — like the redoubtable Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — the message conveyed by the girl wasn’t bold confidence but docility and obedience — not to mention physical discomfort.

Plenty of others had the same reaction:

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Second, the tweet addressed only “Black women and girls.”

Why is Harris’ encouragement restricted by race?

It might seem counterintuitive, considering the prominence of black entertainers in public life, black athletes in major sports, the number of black actors featured in television advertisements, and the endless pandering of progressives and politicians, but black Americans make up only about 12 percent of the population, meaning the “black women and girls” Harris is addressing account for about 6 percent of the people she is supposed to represent as a whole.

That’s pretty specific targeting, based solely on an accident of genetic makeup that determines skin color. And any honest appraisal of Harris’ tweet would call it what it is: Sheer racism.

Honest appraisals are a little hard to come by in the establishment media these days — as anyone who’s followed the saga of Hunter Biden knows — but, fortunately, they’re alive and well in social media.

“Yep, this. Its modern racism, veiled as altruism,” one Twitter user wrote.

There are two possibilities here:

The first is that Harris and her staff gave careful consideration to the image and words in the tweet, weighed them all judiciously and decided this was exactly the “message” the vice president wanted to send. File that under “not likely.”

The second is that this was a slapdash affair, with a staffer grabbing an image at almost random. (According to Fox News, the picture is from July 2021. Kamala has had a lot of time in front of cameras since then. Surely they could have found a more recent picture with a little effort.)

As to the wording, leftists have become so used to speaking in racist terms, so used to dividing Americans into stratifications of skin tone, that no one batted an eye at a tweet from the vice president of the supposedly United States was explicitly racist and sexist. Nobody considered the possibility that the message would come off that Harris has apparently no encouraging words for white women and girls, Hispanic or Asian females, or men of any race at all.

Did you think this Harris tweet was racist?

In her two years as vice president, Harris hasn’t distinguished herself in office as anything but possibly the only politician in the U.S. who can make her bumbling boss look competent.

Her most public area of responsibility was the assignment to oversee southern border security, which has become a disaster of epic proportions, and one that’s going to be affecting the country long after Harris or anyone associated with the Biden administration is alive to see the consequences.

She’s a disaster as a vice president, former staffers say she’s a disaster as a boss.

And, as Sunday’s Twitter post showed, she’s surrounded by a communications team that’s as big as a disaster as she is.

Just another week in Kamala Harris world.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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