New Version of 'Full House' Song 'Forever' Re-Released as a Lullaby by John Stamos


Full House actor John Stamos has released a new version of the classic Beach Boys song “Forever.”

But the latest spin doesn’t offer a new adult sound, it’s for babies. Stamos has teamed up with American Idol Season 14 singer Jax to release the song as a lullaby, per Entertainment Weekly.

“Forever” was originally released by the Beach Boys in 1971 and remastered by the band in recent years. 

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Stamos has a long history with the song and the Beach Boys. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, he performed with them in 1988, playing the steel drums and the congas on their hit “Kokomo.”

He became a regular performer with the band, and sang his own version of “Forever” during the wedding episode of “Full House.”

Over the years, he has done many shows with the band and in 2010, he appeared with the Beach Boys on “Dancing with the Stars.” Last year, he did a Christmas concert with them at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Which version of "Forever" do you prefer?

Stamos detailed how he joined the Beach Boys during an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” via “Today.” 

He said, “I never even dreamed of meeting the Beach Boys, let alone playing with them.”

Before their first performance together, he was wrapping up his role on the daytime show “General Hospital” and attended a Beach Boys concert. 

“The show was over; they were still going to do the encore,” he went on.

Stamos then noted, “And these cheerleaders chased me (backstage) and (band co-founder) Mike Love turns to my friend and says, ‘Who’s that?’ And he says, ‘That’s John Stamos; he’s on ‘General Hospital’ and always has girls chasing him.’ And Mike Love, without missing a beat, says, ‘Get him onstage.’

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He also called playing with the Beach boys “a treat in life,” and concluded, “It just makes so many people happy.”

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