Newsom Running Again? Rumors Swirl After Stunning Veto of Bill Forcing Parents to 'Affirm' Trans Child's Gender


Americans are used to the Democratic Party slipping unpopular votes by them in the late hours of the evening in order to push forward their agenda. The purpose is to couch the outrage and provide time to perfect their excuses before facing the media as well as the public.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California just employed that same strategy in vetoing the AB 957 bill very late Friday evening. The bill would have “required judges to consider whether parents affirm their child’s gender identity when deciding custody cases,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The decision to veto the bill flies against everything we firmly know about Newsom in relation to his unwavering support of the transgender movement. Certainly, the bill’s author Lori Wilson and its sponsor California State Senator Scott Wiener would also feel betrayed.

So why would Newsom suddenly switch gears, knowing that the unexpected veto would undisputedly jeopardize his standing with his normal base? To that same end, any reassurance Newsom provided in relation to the issue being remedied already by state law would now fall on deaf ears.

With his credibility suddenly thrown into question, Newsom’s “about face” must be driven by ambitions far greater than what the far left side of the equation can provide on its own. And since he has shown himself to be rather adept in flying under the radar with one decision, one can only speculate that he could easily do the same with another.

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In other words, a run for president in 2024 seems more than just hearsay. It’s highly probable.

Placing Newsom’s claims to the contrary aside, one must only read between the lines of his interview with MSNBC host Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press” to predict future events as well as the names on the 2024 Democratic presidential ticket. In my opinion, Newsom’s decision to veto the AB 957 bill signaled the launching of a market test by the Democrats.

Would you vote for Newsom in 2024?

Let’s face it, the Biden-Harris ticket is a dog. According to a most recent Washington Post-ABC poll, former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden by 10 percentage points currently.

Policy failures leading to escalating inflation, the invasion at the border, and Biden’s physical and mental frailness are pushing voters toward the most popular alternative, Trump.

Democrats realize they can’t win the 2024 election with Biden or even Harris in front.

Thus dressing Newsom up in a new coat and cap and softening his ultra left-leaning demeanor so as to play better in Peoria is worth a shot.

Considering the masterful makeover the Democrats and elites performed on both Biden and Harris resulting in a 2020 presidential win, Newsom needs a lot less fluffing. He also screams “presidential” when in the kit gloves of the establishment media.

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And let’s not forget that a “Newsom” win would be easier to believe in a Newsom-Trump election than a Biden win.

To top that off, the short-term memories of young voters work in Newsom’s favor. These are the very same voters who grew up on a diet of “Listen to what I say. Don’t watch what I do.”

They’ve been suckling on the Democratic creed for a lifetime. Most don’t even follow politics so they have no idea how tragically Newsom’s liberal policies destroyed the once beautiful state of California.

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