Not Safe for Kids: Upcoming Disney+ Show Actor Brags How Much Sex Is in the Series


Ever since its founding almost a century ago, Disney has prided itself on making fun and entertaining content that the whole family can enjoy.

Their main audience for all of this time has been children. Children are the ones who mainly watch Disney movies, and they are the ones toward whom the theme parks are marketed.

True, in recent years, that “family-friendly” label has fallen into question as Disney releases content aimed at children that features woke LGBT themes, but the idea of Disney specializing in children’s entertainment has always been there.

Well, a recent interview with one of the stars of a new Disney+ miniseries suggests that the company has now lost that distinction as well.

On Saturday, Deadline reported that in an interview with Aidan Turner, who is starring in the upcoming Disney+ miniseries “Rivals,” the actor bragged about how much sex there is in the series.

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“We have so much sex on our show, we have to have two intimacy coaches. Two!” he said.

Yes, you read that right. Disney, a company that is known for children’s entertainment, is currently producing a show that appears to be filled with graphic sex scenes.

So much so, that one intimacy coordinator was not enough, they needed two.

Will Disney ever return to its family friendly roots?

First off, it needs to be pointed out that this genre is not exactly Disney’s strong suit. Disney is known for its fun and lighthearted TV shows and movies, not serious and sobering drama miniseries.

But beyond that, it is absolutely sickening that a company specializing in children’s entertainment would think to produce a show that features this much sexual content in it.

Disney is not HBO or Showtime. Those companies are known for creating serious adult TV shows, often with strong sexual content. Disney is — or was — the exact opposite.

Disney was once known to be very strict about the type of content produced under its brand, making sure that it was appropriate for viewers of all ages.

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But, then again, Disney has started marketing LGBT content to children over the past few years, and this just seems to be the logical conclusion of going down that route.

Also, this is going to be on a streaming service that mainly features children’s entertainment, meaning that there is a very real possibility that young children could stumble upon it and be exposed to inappropriate content.

If this is the type of content that the company is producing, no wonder it is losing money.

I can’t think of a single parent who would want their young children to have access to a streaming site that contains graphic sexual content, in addition to all the leftist propaganda.

Disney never seems to learn its lesson, however. Until it does, it will continue to lose money.

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