‘Now Is Not the Time to Tempt Fate’: Fauci Urges Serious Caution As States Reopen

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is issuing a warning to states reopening.

On Thursday, the nation’s top global health expert appeared on the Web series “Pass the Mic” with actress Julia Roberts where he was asked what he believes are the “most important things” people should know at the moment.

“As a public health person, as a scientist and a physician, the only thing I can do is give my best public health, scientific and medical opinion based not just on opinion but on scientific evidence,” Fauci said.

He continued, “The scientific evidence clearly indicates that physical separation has worked but not completely if you look at the curves in our country. It isn’t like every day its dramatically going down.”

Although some strides toward reopening have been made, Fauci insists, “Now is not the time to tempt fate and pull back completely.”

See Fauci’s remarks below:

While Fauci did admit that its obvious states cannot remain closed forever, he stressed the importance of proper strategies being in place to respond to “blips in cases,” which he believes will be inevitable.

Fauci said, “If you are going to ‘open up’ or get back to some form of normality, you have to have in place the capability of being responsive when you get the blips in cases that you’re going to inevitably get.”

Since the White House opted to distance from daily coronavirus press briefings in April, Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx have made fewer public appearances. However, the CDC has continued to stress the importance of maintaining social distancing guidelines amid the country’s reopening.

As of Thursday afternoon, the United States has more than 1.6 million confirmed coronavirus cases and the death toll is approaching 96,000.

Each state has now incorporated its own variation of plans to reopen despite only 16 out of 50 states’ coronavirus statistics showing a downward trajectory of over 10% in new daily cases.


  1. Hydroxychloroquine must be taken with a ZPAK and Zinc. They never say Zinc so they aren’t giving the entire protocol out.

  2. It’s time for him to Go. We do Not need this person Holding our Country Back for his Agenda.

  3. Well lisa here is a joke. Polpsi said that she will give 2 weeks pay for the virus. Wonder if she took it from her campaign fund.
    But it is true Trump is for the betterment of our country. As for Fauci not sure of him. He knows more than he is saying. What he is telling is basic controls that is all. I worked in a OR and we know about infection control . We wore mask to protect patients even those we didn’t have anything.
    Now how come Fauci isn’t telling us more. They said money was sent to China by congress or Demarcates and Fauci was in on it. I know Obama was in office at the time as well. So if Fauci was in on it how come he don’t know more . And why is it they don’t know what was going on in that lab. And if we put money in that Lab why is it that no one from here can go in and see what happened. Now that is a problem giving out money to a rich country with no springs to it. But the virus is our tax dollars at work.
    Fauci did say it will be here for years. That in itself is funny. Now what funny as well is the fact that virus mutated after leaving China . Know they do but not that fast. Now heard there is 3,000 strains of this virus .
    Think they should come clean on it. The people needs to know. Now the virus causes the lungs to fill up and gets inflamed . That is the reason for the machines to keep you breathing . Now hydroxychloroquine is an inflammatory. People with arthritis use it. Well I have arthritis now that locks my hips. I have pain and lost of movement in my hip. They claim they can’t find anything to give me. I been trying to get my doctor to put me on but he isn’t returning calls. It been 2 weeks since I called him. He talked to me a month ago so could be I used my time up. Under Obama care.
    But because of Fauci the Demarcates been saying that Trump said hydroxychloroquine is a cure. No it just helps with opening up the lungs. But every time Fauci opens up his mouth he gets the demarcates going after Trump. Is this his way of getting the light off him.

  4. Fauci’s only area of concern is health, while Trump must consider America’s welfare as a whole. Other eminent doctors disagree with Fauci’s caution. It’s the responsibility of the President to weigh the advice he receives and proceed accordingly. There will always be disagreement on any subject.

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    Fauci don’t know shit compared to him.

    1. If you can’t be polite, at least learn correct grammar. And if Trump is so concerned with getting richer, why is he the first President to donate all of his salary to various charities?

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  6. Will someone please put a muzzle on Fauci? His advice is destroying our economy.

      1. We get it john, you were molested by your uncle and you want to take it out on the world.

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