Report: Obama Pulled Strings for One of Biden’s Opponents During 2020 Primaries

When former President Barack Obama met with potential donors 13 months before the presidential election, he touted one candidate above the rest — and it wasn’t his former vice president, according to a new report.

The Hill on Friday published an exclusive excerpt from the book, “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency,” by Amie Parnes of The Hill and Jonathan Allen of NBC.

The excerpt claims Obama lavished praise upon Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts during a meeting with about 40 black donors from the private sector.

The book said that at that time, the vast Democratic pool had four main contenders — Warren, then-former Vice President Joe Biden, then-Sen. Kamala Harris of California and then-Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

The excerpt said Obama had a “singular message that he had wanted to deliver. He embraced the prospect of a Warren presidency” and urged donors to back her.

At that point, Warren was rising in the polls.

“The biggest obstacle to her success, it seemed, was convincing the establishment that she was truly different from Bernie, enough of a mainstream politician to be trusted with the reins of government. Now Obama was making that case for her,” the excerpt said.

Obama reportedly explained, “He knew Elizabeth, he said, very well. They had intersected during his time at Harvard, and then again during his time in the Senate where she often testified as an expert witness. He’d also ‘hired’ her to stand up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.”

“‘Many candidates like the idea of being president,’” the book quotes Obama as saying. “But few really have a ‘why.’”

“So what if she raises your taxes a little bit? Compare that to what we have now,” the excerpt further quoted him, adding that he wanted donors with deep pockets to be all-in behind Warren.

“Now, this is not an endorsement!” Obama reportedly said, the narrative adding that “He’d just given his seal of approval to Warren without using the ‘e’ word.”

The excerpt quoted “one donor in the room” as saying Obama’s talk “was a ninety percent Warren sermon.”

Buttigieg was disparaged, according to the excerpt, which quoted Obama as saying the now-transportation secretary “is 38, but he looks 30.”

“He’s the mayor of a small town,” Obama reportedly continued, adding, “He’s gay … and he’s short.”

Obama said he knew Harris but offered no assessment of her, according to the excerpt.

He was then reminded of one other candidate.

“You forgot Biden,” one meeting attendee reportedly said.

“Obama seemed apprehensive, according to a source in the room,” the excerpt said, reporting the former president’s “support for Biden was tepid at best.”

“At that point, it didn’t matter what [Obama] said about Biden. His silence spoke for him,” the excerpt concluded.

“Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency” is currently available for pre-order and is set to be released on March 2.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


  1. Obozo the Marxist Kenyan that the lefties love will go done in history for one significant reason he’s the only man ever elected to the office that’s wife has a pe+is. 🤮

      1. Is Biden going to have virtual meetings with all foreign heads of state? If so, look for WWIII since that is a sign to our enemies that we are weak and can be defeated

  2. Pretty funny that Old Gropey-Dopey said in the 8 years he was VP under Obysmal, he was never once invited to the living portion of the White House. And that Obysmal said ‘Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up!’. What a pal.
    And Warren? Stupid. No idea what economics or budgeting are. No idea of what the Great American Working Class wants or even who they are. Far, far left. A socialist like Obysmal who wants to ‘fundamentally change America’. Like just snapping her fingers to ‘forgive $50,000 per person of student debt’. Typical leftist. Hey, we can just print more money! Or ignore the debt! Even better, let’s have said working class pay for this Harvard degrees and those Gender Studies programs!
    I never saw her offering to take less than the $400,000+ she made teaching one class at Harvard. Think she’s work for free?
    You see her getting off her private jet, spotting the camera, and hiding behind a staffer. Honest to a fault. She also told a poor black mom who wanted school choice that her own children went to public school. LIE.
    The big reason is the Pocahontas lie. High cheekbones, my butt. She always knew it was a lie. Always. She contributed to a Native American cookbook with a recipe she STILE from another Native American cookbook. I think the Cherokee tribe was way too kind to her which shows their characters and her lack thereof. And she still SWORE she never used the lie to get ahead. She used it on her college admission forms. It made a difference. She used it on her Harvard teaching job application. When she got the job, Harvard announced that they “had increased their quota of minority staff members by hiring a new POC, Native American Eliz Warren”. But she never profited from her lie. Kind of like, “Sorry. Move on”.
    Remember when Obysmal was caught wiretapping the heads of Germany, France and Mexico? He went on air and basically said, “Sorry. Move on”. Can you even imagine how Trump would have been crucified by the Dems and their complicit lying media if he had done such a despicable thing?

    1. “A socialist like Obysmal” Janis

      Janis really is ignorant. ANYONE who thinks Obama or anyone else in their party leadership is a socialist is themselves OUT TO LUNCH! You have NO IDEA what facts are.

      “we can just print more money! Or ignore the debt!” Janis

      At least you got THAT right, Janis. The old Republicans were masters at doing just that, and the American Fascists continued their tradition of printing money like crazy and cutting taxes especially for the rich so that our government cannot cover our expenses, to the tune of trillion$, this time!

      I didn’t hear you complain about THAT, Janis. Why?

  3. People need to listen to the truthsayers when they speak beforehand from experience and turn a deaf ear to the ones making promises they know they’re not going to keep after the election such as this past election.

  4. “[Obama] wanted donors with deep pockets to be all-in behind Warren.” Book quote

    THIS is what is wrong with America. Money rules our elections, money in politics makes us one of the most corrupt counties in the world, and it is literally killing us. And we, the voters, can’t get off of our fat asses and vote to protect ourselves from it.

    1. Do you have specifics on the elections with no money? No TV, radio or social media ads. No travel (bus, auto, air) expenses. No rental of office spaces or halls for campaign appearances. No security expenses for campaign events. No paid staff. No filing fees. No speech writers or advisors. WHAT are the specifics of a presidential campaign in your fantasy world?

      1. Phyllis, I don’t think he meant “campaign” expenses. I think he meant the backdoor greasing of palms that goes on that everyone pretends not to see or admit is happening… know, bribes, payoffs, illegal incentives…..that sort of thing. Of course none of OUR upstanding politicians would stoop that low, would they? They are only concerned for the welfare of this country and the American people.😜

        1. Penelope, I mean it ALL! Name another MORE corrupt than the United States. I am not aware of one. Studies have clearly shown that there is a 1:1 ratio of big donors getting exactly what THEY wanted vs the PEOPLE getting zero of what THEY want or need.

          We MUST elect better politicians, ones who work for US.

      2. Phyllis, our last federal election cost OVER $14 BILLION! That is more for ONE election than the annual budgets for small COUNTRIES! If you don’t think that that amount doesn’t include some for corruption, you are crazy. Compare our costs to elections in other countries. Spending that kind of money on just an election is unconscionable.

        Progressives are the ONLY candidates who are running their campaigns without getting bribed by big donors, such as big PACs, corporations and wealthy people. You know that. Yes, that puts them at a pretty big disadvantage against the corrupted traditional candidates, but they ARE slowly winning seats with the small donations and broad support from PEOPLE, not corrupting bribes.

        Bernie Sanders was doing well until the corrupt party leadership pulled some of their usual tricks and unbalanced the election against his candidacy. He also was running a SECOND presidential campaign with no big bribes. He wasn’t hurting for funds in either campaign and he used some of his surplus to help other clean candidates, too. It CAN be done.

        There are also other election funding techniques, such as public funding of elections, that would DRASTICALLY cut and/or limit the costs of elections AND would allow many more less wealthy people to run their campaigns. That alone would gradually change who represents us in Congress or more locally. We just need to be bold enough to implement these ideas.

    2. You know, General, that is probably the only thing you’ve said that I agree with to date….but I don’t think voters are too lazy to vote against it. I think they are too ignorant to see it, or they don’t really believe it is happening.

        1. The “dead voter” ballot requests in PA resulted in THREE arrests of REPUBLICAN registered Trump supporters. In what state were there arrests of “dead voter” requests from Biden supporters.

      1. Penelope, the media is a huge problem, not because they are “fake news”, but because they are complicit with corrupted politicians who have been in office sometimes for decades, now. One of the media’s primary jobs is to hold people in power accountable. When was the last time that you saw THAT in action? Watergate? The Contra affair?

        The media don’t do that much nowadays because the people in power use access to control them. So, how does that work? What are the predominant advertizers on the major networks? Drug companies, medical insurers, the MIC, oil companies, etc. The very companies in industries that have been controlled by the huge amounts of bribes given to Congress members. What makes ANYONE think that the media is going to risk THAT kind of income by going after the companies or corrupted politicians? So, the media companies play ball and DO NOT do exposés on these companies or politicians doing bad things anymore, such as making useless fighters that cost outrageous amounts, but nobody wants to fly them except on Sundays. They should be exposing the obviously corrupted politicians, too.

        The media companies don’t write about good candidates because a lot of the best candidates are not only unknown, but because they don’t have a lot of money OR influence, AND they are not likely to be supported by the parties because they are likely challenging party approved incumbents, so why should they bother informing voters about them? The media doing that would feel their wrath immediately!

        A vast majority of voters don’t vote, probably about half for each election. Why? Some are tired of not being represented properly. Some are tired of the corruption and have given up, but a huge number of us CAN’T vote because of voting laws and restrictions, having no time off to vote instead of having to work 3 jobs just to survive from day to day, voter suppression, AND because the media refuses to do their job of informing the public. If the media ignores important, new candidates, it is REALLY difficult for them to overcome that even if the candidate HAS tons of money.

        So, yes, there is a variety of reasons for low voting numbers, but President Who? only won because of something like 78,000 votes in 3 states, and Joke Biden only won because of about 44,000 votes in 3 states. We MUST get off of our asses, if we are ever going to change things. It is up to us.

        1. obammy sucks…. its that simple…. when he wanted to be white, he’d act white… when he wanted to be black, he’d act black… you can’t trust this clown for any thing

          1. Welcome dixter
            You are now a member of the monarch of the IJR critic club. He/she writes endless nonsense that only Phylliphilis reads and critiques those who don’t agree. What a sad life.

          2. Too bad, Sharal, that you can’t be bothered to ever compose a valid, solid response that can stand up to scrutiny. You haven’t done that ONCE in all of the years that you have been registered here.

            Try it sometime. It will make you feel MUCH better when you can put together a coherent reply rather than your usual drive-bys.

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