Alex Padilla Becomes Emotional When Newsom Asks Him To Fill Kamala Harris’ Senate Seat

There was no shortage of emotions when Alex Padilla, secretary of state of California, was asked to fill vice president-elect Kamala Harris’ seat in the Senate.

“I’m honored, man, and I’m humbled,” Padilla said while holding back tears.

Padilla accepted the offer by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) to represent California in the U.S. Senate.

A video of their conversation was posted to Twitter, where Newsom wrote, “His appointment will make history,” adding that Padilla “is far more interested in changing history — especially for the working men and women of our state and country.”

In the video call on Monday evening, after Padilla mentioned his mom died two years ago, Newsom is heard saying, “Can you image what mom would be thinking now as I ask you if you want to be the next U.S. senator… of the great state of California?”

Padilla responded, “You serious?” then took a moment as he became emotional.

“[I] can’t tell you how many pancakes my dad flipped or eggs he scrambled trying to provide for us,” Padilla said, adding, “Or the many, many years of my mom cleaning houses.”

Padilla confirmed he would accept the role, “Absolutely.”

Watch the video below:

“I can think of no one better to represent the state of California as our next United States Senator,” Newsom tweeted.

Padilla’s appointment comes as Harris is now the vice president-elect. Padilla will become the first Latino in U.S. history to hold the seat in California.


  1. Congratulations to Alex Padilla. Love his story. Had never heard of him so I googled him and discovered he is a graduate of MIT and elected for public service when California Proposition 187 passed in 1994. Gov. Newsom did not bow to pressure to name an African American female. Padilla appears to be an excellent choice.

    1. Before we got here, two Californians were top picks to go into the cabinet – Xavier Becerra and Alex Padilla. Since Becerra was already chosen for the cabinet, Padilla was the most likely to replace Harris. Why? Because the Democratic Party leadership would not pick a black progressive, especially a woman including Lee, to go into the Senate, so of course they picked a conservative Latino male. That’s logical.

      At least Becerra is for M4A.

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