Pastor Shares How a 'Person of Faith' Should Approach Politics


A pastor based in Washington shared how a “person of faith” should approach politics amid election season.

In a phone interview with Fox News Digital, Jesse Bradley of Grace Community Church said he believes every person of faith in the U.S. has “a privilege and a responsibility to be informed, be thoughtful, be prayerful, and be sure to vote.”

“Ideally, we have politicians with integrity who are courageous, fair, wise, clear, compassionate, competent — and honor God,” he added.

Bradley also noted every nation on Earth needs “a strong spiritual, moral and political foundation.”

During the interview, he gave suggestions on how faith-filled Americans can stay grounded following the 2023 Republican debate on Aug. 23.

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“Family blowups are unnecessary,” he said, adding, “De-escalation is a good option.”

Furthermore, Bradley encouraged Christians to know scripture when “everyone is claiming that Jesus endorses all of their political opinions.”

“Don’t put your ultimate hope in politics or any politicians because idolatry is foolish,” he shared.

Bradley referred to Jesus Christ as the “one perfect Savior.”

“Speak the truth in love,” he said. “Be honest and humble. Be a great listener and hear what the other person is saying.”

He also counseled, “Know when conversations are deteriorating and set healthy limits.”

“Know when to redirect the topic of the conversation,” Bradley advised.

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Additionally, he emphasized the importance of being kind toward others.

“You are not inspiring or winning when you are mean and cruel. You are not inspiring or winning when you are mean and cruel,” he said.

Bradley urged people of faith to not “water down the truth or God’s standards.”

“Commit to being low-drama, and not being out of control or hot-tempered,” he suggested.

He expressed it’s better to “commit to having conflict or ‘intense fellowship’ that remains respectful” toward others.

Lastly, Bradley urged Christians to “commit to sharing the Good News about Jesus.”

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